Violent J - Acting Career

Real name: Joseph 'Frank' Bruce

Psychopathic Name: Violent J

Nicknames: Violent Jay, J, Jay, 3D, Bullit, Violent J, Mr. Rotten Treats, The Maker Of Love, Big Baby Sweets, Dead Body Man, Jitty Pants, Diamond Donavon Douglas, Flea, Golden Jelly, Moon Glorious, Jagged Joe, Bullet, Fats Pepper, Big Baby Chips, etc.


Bruce starred in the Psychopathic Records crime comedy Big Money Hustlas, as Big Baby Sweets, in 2000. A sequel, Big Money Rustlas followed in 2010, in which Bruce portrayed Big Baby Sweets' ancestor, Big Baby Chips. In 2001, Bruce was offered a role in the musical Prison Song, in which he was asked to play a bigoted prison guard. The producers offered Bruce the role on the basis of his appearances on The Howard Stern Show, and told him that they wanted "a big white dude with urban slang to his voice", and on the basis of his radio appearances, thought that Bruce was perfect for the role. While Bruce had interest in acting outside of Psychopathic Records projects, as well as being willing to act without face paint, he did not want to play a racist, and turned the role down. In preparation for Big Money Rustlas, Bruce starred in the film Death Racers in 2008. According to Bruce, "We just did it for fun. We knew it was gonna be basically garbage."

Some of the movies Psychopathic Records released:

  • Big Money Hustlas (2000), as Big Baby Sweets/Ape Boy
  • Bowling Balls (2004), as J
  • Death Racers (2008), as Violent J
  • Big Money Rustlas (2010), as Big Baby Chips

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