Dark Carnival #1 -
Halls Of Illusion

Release: June 2002

www.insaneclownposse.com stated May 2002 as releasedate

Written by: Jesse McCann

Illustrated by: Gerardo Sandoval

Publisher: Chaos! Comics

Pages: 32


The story was that they would do a comic, about 4 times a year, all dealing with different ICP songs. But, Chaos is bankrupt, so that was no longer the case. Anyways, this issue had two covers, probably there is not a large difference in their value/rarity.


Based upon the hit song by ICP, this comic book brings the song to life. Full of blood, guts, gore, and more. Anything you can imagine is here. ICP have come along way in their comic book career, from the ICP series to Pendulum series, now you can sit back with a cold faygo and listen to Halls of Illusions while reading the comic book to get the broad vision of the lyrics.


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