Bloody Screams Of 17

Release: October 31, 2017

Label: Psychopathic Records



General info:

The 24th Hallowicked single is a whole cd. You get this cd for free with your ticket to the
Hallowicked Show.


Tracklist: (click on the track for the lyrics)

01. Intro  
02. Noided, Heated & Jelly (Violent J, Lyte, Ouija)  
03. Legacy (Big Hoodoo)  
04. Brick In The Wall (Zug Izland)  
06. A Psycho (Myzery & The Spanish Side)  
07. Hummer (Motown Rage)  
08. Satan Is Her Name (Mike E. Clark)  
09. Dead Body Man 3 (Ouija)  



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