The Tempest

Release: March 20, 2007

Label: Psychopathic Records


General info:

The Calm was just a prelude of what was to come after the decade-spanning saga of the 6 Jokers Cards - a hint to what was to finally become unleashed upon the world on March 20th, 2007. A new era for ICP began on that day when The Tempest was released, featuring a return of the legendary Mike E. Clark and bringing a brand new vision of an entirely new saga destined to match and surpass the last. The three songs, "Haunted Bumps," "I Do This," and "The Party," are only a selection from a track list filled with memorable songs that follow the flow of the Wicked Clowns and clearly define the musical style to be seen from ICP in the future.


Tracklist: (click on the track for the lyrics)

01. The Sky is Falling 3:39
02. Ride the Tempest 2:51
03. Alley Rat 2:10
04. Haunted Bumps 3:24
05. Growing Again 4:45
06. Hum Drum Boogie 3:39
07. I Do This 3:28
08. What About Now? 3:24
09. Watch My Ride 2:42
10. News at 6 O'Clock 4:06
11. The Tower 4:14
12. The Party 3:12
13. Bitch I Lied 4:07
14. Play My Song 2:54
15. Mexico City 3:31
16. If I Was a Serial Killer 7:30

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