The Tempest DJ Mix Kit

Release: 2007

Label: Psychopathic Records (PSY-3037)


General info:

ICP did something VERY fresh for would-be DJs out there. They created an album based on their latest (at the time) release: The Tempsest. 3 tracks were taken, and remixed by a mix of their in-house producers. Acapella versions were also included so Juggalo producers could try their hand at putting a new spin on these tracks.

Originally given out at the Tempest Release Party Tour.


Tracklist: (click on the track for the lyrics)

01. Haunted Bumps (Album Version) 3:27
02. I Do This! (Album Version) 3:32
03. The Party (Album Version) 3:16
04. Haunted Bumps (Polar Bear Remix) 3:18
05. I Do This! (Polar Bear Remix) 3:33
06. The Party (Mike E. Clark Remix) 5:54
07. Haunted Bumps (Akuna Remix) 4:04
08. I Do This! (Akuna Remix) 4:26
09. The Party (Akuna Remix) 3:38
10. Haunted Bumps (Album Version Instrumental) 3:29
11. I Do This! (Album Version Instrumental) 3:31
12. The Party (Album Version Instrumental) 3:09
13. Haunted Bumps (A Cappella Version) 3:09
14. I Do This! (A Cappella Version) 3:16
15. The Party (A Cappella Version) 3:16
16. Haunted Bumps (Album Version Clean Edit) 3:28
17. I Do This! (Album Version Clean Edit) 3:32
18. The Party (Album Version Clean Edit) 3:15

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