ICP's Rarity Tracks on Vinyl

Release: 2017

Label: Psychopathic Records


General info:

This is what J-Webb had to say in the Hatchet Herald of November 2016

In one more dope ass piece of vinyl related news… speaking of songs you never ever in your wildest dreams thought would be pressed on vinyl, I was talking to Violent J this morning and he told me Psychopathic’s just confirmed plans for a double-disc record album of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope’s all-time favorite rare tracks, pressed on high quality wax for the first time ever. One disc will have J’s favorite ICP rarities, the other will have Shaggy personal picks – and this special, personally selected collection of songs will ONLY be available on vinyl LP. We’re talking about songs like “Wicked Rappers Delight,” “Pull Your Panties to the Side,” “Fuck My Dad” all the rarest shit that true, hardcore Juggalos LOVE. And don’t ever think we’ve given up on CDs, like most of the world has, we’re just stepping our vinyl game up because NINJAS WANT IT. Ninjas want ICP on vinyl and so Psychopathic will gladly deliver! With more releases coming as well… many more! So if you don’t have a record player, now may be the time to invest in one because we got MAD wax flavor coming out in 2017 and beyond!



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