Juggalo Championshit Wrestling Volume 2

Release: November 05, 2001

Genre: Wrestling

Featuring: ICP, Evil Dead, Fat Fuck Barrel Boy, Rude Boy, Redneck Devil without a Cause, and all of your favorite wrestlers.

Format: DVD

Runtime: ?? minutes

Label: Psychopathic Video


General info:

The second hometape of Strangle-Mania live (dubbed Juggalo Championshit Wrestling). It's an hour and more of pure hardcore wrestling so check this shit out ninjas!

See in action! The worst tag-team in the history of Big Time Wrestling: Insane Clown Posse along with their deceased buddy Evil Dead, as they battle Fruit Cakes in the Main Event, which took place in the Australian Outback! Witness the loveable, huggable, southwest Detroit lush, The Rude Boy, take on Abdullah the Butcher (aka the Fat Duck from the Sudan), in a 15 foot high steel cage! Watch two nobody jobbers battle it out in a high-flying, suicide, dive-fest, that nobody cares about! See 140-pound Tom “The Scrub” Dub take on a 700-pound, enormous ball of human fat known only as the Hornswaggling Hillbilly. Also a big loopy, naked guy wearing a barrel takes on Mad Man Pondo in a thumb tack, barbed wire bat, staple gun to the scrotum, balcony dive, broken throat match! This video also includes backstage footage, interviews, a JCW music video, and much, much more. A masterpiece product, as only JCW can provide. JCW: The only wrestling promotion that just don’t give a Shit!

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