360 Degrees Of The Inner Circle

Author: Robert Bruce, R. Jesse Deneaux, Nathan Andren Fostey

Publisher: Dark Carnival Games, L.L.C.

Year Published: July 19, 2002 (Dark Carnival Games)

Year Republished: July 05, 2007 (Supricore Group)

Paperback: 50 pages

This game requires Morton's List: The End To Boredom to play!


360° Of The Inner Cicle expands upon Morton's List: The End To Boredom. With this supplement, you, as a member of the Inner Cicle (a player of Morton's List), can further erase the line between everyday life and real-life adventure!

With this book:

  • Enjoy two brand new Mutations and Deviations Tables, making even the most typical adventure something to never forget!
  • Track your adventures in the new and expanded Quest Journal
  • Gain Titles and Powers to manipulate the rules of Morton's List as you play the game
  • Fill out your own Inner Circle Member Profile, which represents you and your real-life achievements.

Originally intended as part of Morton's List from the beginning, 360° of the Inner Circle adds in a ranking system for players, such that they can creep through the ranks of the Inner Circle, much as the lowliest Acolyte in your everyday Cult of Doom , might slither his vile way up through the ranks until he is Grand Poo-bah of evil. With each of the ranks (called "degrees") come power as well as prestige, and each degree is given its own unique name and special power with which a player of that rank or above might modify the way the game is played... but more on this in another node.


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