The Quest For Shangri-La

Designer: Insane Clown Posse and Jumpsteady

Publisher: Psychopathic Records

Year Published: February 16, 2007

# of players: 2 - 6

Playing Time: 120 minutes

Suggested Age: 13 and older

Category: roll-playing boardgame


The Battle Begins!

Who can say what rewards or tortures await us when the curtain of death is parted? Those who listen to the message of the Dark Carnival through the songs and lives of the Insane Clown Posse know of one such destination for the pure of heart: Shangri-La , with its fountains of bubbling soda, music blasting over green fields, and fine hotties everywhere, in an endless existence free of care, drama, and death.

Shangri-La, paradise though it may be, is not beyond the reach of evil. A sinister shadow has fallen over its once radient light - evidence of an evil beyond imagining!

Get ready to battle your way through Detroit, the Nethervoid, and the Dark Carnival as you travel the board on an epic Quest to cross The Bridge to Shangri-La. Only there can you solve the mystery by revealing one of the ten different ending cards!

Will you survive...?
Deadly Traps!
Backstabbing Players!
And worst of all, the dark horrors awaiting you in Shangri-La!
Or will you succumb to the shadows, like the rest?

Draw cards and...
Battle Savage Fiends!
Uncover Magical Artifacts!
Find Helpful Homies!
Amass Weapons and Cash!

You play a character...
on a Quest to reach Shangri-La, at the center of the board. Will you be a Dark Carnival character like Violent J or Jamie Madrox , driven to save Shangri-La from the evil that plagues it? Or will you play a Nethervoid character like Cemetary Girl or Ol' Evil Eye , bent on taking over all of Shangri-La for yourself?

Winner: Underground Game of the Year!
"Juggalos, come out to play-ee-ay!"

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A sample of the 70 dark carnival cards and cardback

A sample of the 90 nethervoid cards and cardback

A sample of the 110
detroit cards and

3 of 13 bones cards and cardback

3 of 10 random game endings

A sample of the purchase items and cardback

3 of 9 dark carnival characters

3 of 9 nethervoid


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