The Gathering Of The Juggalos 2018

Date: July 18 - 21, 2018

Place: Legend Valley - Thornville, OH


  • RV/Trailer Pass: $160
  • Single ticket GOTJ: $190
  • All-Star Experience Ticket: $150
  • Big Balla Campsite 20&30amp: $450
  • Car Pass: $100




Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Hosted by: Kegan The Creep Ass

Jimi Hendrix Tribute, Wolfpac, Big Hoodoo, CKY, Immortal Technique, Anybody Killa,
Menace 2 Sobriety, Pound The Pavement, Motown Rage, The Dirtball, Native World,
Dirty Machine, Dj Clay, Mac Lethal, JPK, Glitter Moneyyy, Dizasterpiece, Ya Ya The

Thursday, July 19th, 2018

Hosted by: Kevin Gill

The Grateful Dead, Myzery, Ouija Macc, Jelly Roll, Gwar, Insane Clown Posse, Alla
Xul Elu, LSP's MMMFD, Kissing Candice, Kingspade, Frodo The Ghost, Tommy Traina,
Lowercase J, Chiiirp, Poets, Purple Hearts, Ronnie Blaze, 10/31, Beyond Top Secret,
Mi$ta 420, Ill E. Gal, Dandy Punk, Upchuck The Clown, Ian Stuart

Friday, July 20th, 2018

Hosted by: The Rude Boy

Santana Tribute, King Iso, R.A. The Rugged Man, Bucher Babies, Esham, Hopsin, Tech
N9ne, The Mike Busey Experience, MC Lars and Mega Ran, Seed Of 6ix, Killjoy Club,
El-SD, Cemetery High, Razorz Edge, Joey Cough, Konspiracy Kamp, Novatore,
T.H.C. (The Heart of Cleveland) , P.R.E.A.C.H., Griinch Muzic, Manganelli, Open Minded,
Clownvis Presley, Kegan The Creep Ass

Saturday, July 21th, 2018

Hosted by: Mike Busey & The Busey Beauties

Janis Joplin Tribute, Zug Izland, Lyte, Attila, Dj Paul, Yelawolf, Insane Clown Posse,
Humble Lunatic, Anarchy Bronze, Stoner Jordan, Goest Ryder, Miss Cyainide, Big Buzz


Additional info:

  • Auctions: Psychopathic Auction, Juggalo Auction
  • Autographsessions: Big Hoodoo, DJ, Clay, JCW, Insane Clown Posse, Lyte, Ouija Macc,
    Dark Carnival Games ABK, Native World, Dj Paul, Seed of 6ix
  • Comedy: Family Movie Premiere, A Dandy Punk, Upchuck The Clown, Ian Stuart, Clownvis
    Presley, Kegan The Creep Ass,
  • Competitions: Beat The DJ Game Show, Costume Contest, Faygo Launching Contest, Flow
    Master Rap Battle, Lingerie Contest, Tattoo Contest, Miss Juggalette Contest, The Neden Game,
    Wet T-Shirt Contest, Juggalo Family Feud,
  • Games: Into The Echoside Head's Up Tournament, Morton's List, Juggalos Against Sanity
    Tournaments, Texas Holdem, Quest For Shangri-La Tournament
  • Side Shows: The Juggalo Show, Peep This Shit Stage, The R-Rated Circus Sideshow, The
    Hooded Magician, Freakshow Deluxe, The Sickening Skin Suspension Show, The Big Money
    Hu$tlas Extravaganza, Wolfpac's Super Deluxe Fun Time Variety Show, The Sex Files Show Live
  • Other Flavor: Carnival Rides, Dark Carnival Tarot Readings, Merchandise
  • Parties: Cruisin' The Barrio BBQ Bikini Bash, Prince Was A Purple Juggalo Party, The Juggalo
    Yacht Club Wine Mixer, Reno Rydaz Ridiculously Random Midnight Midway Masquerade
    Madness Party, Rude Boy and DJ Carlito's OG Juggalo Jam
  • Seminars: Violent J's Motivational Speech, ABK, Big Hoodoo, Insane Clown Posse,
    Lyte & Ouija Macc
  • Wrestling: JCW's Battle Of The Sexes, Oddball Wrestling, Bloodymania 12
  • Insane Clown Posse's show will be "The Wraith - Hells Pit".
  • Myzery drops after 20 years his album Para La Isla. It's a 2-disc album and it includes his
    new album The Demon Angel
  • Free cd giveaway at ICP seminar with 6 songs. One song is a song of Ruby Bruce Lee and
    is called "Neat" She wrote the entire song herself, sang everything, no auto-tune and is
    produced by Mike P.

ICP Seminar:

  • The 2018 Gathering of the Juggalos Seminar has just wrapped up!  There are some
    devastating nuggets of flavor that were dropped!  Check them out below…
  • Fearless Fred Fury: no one will be let down.
  • Release date: October 26th
  • Dubbing it Fearless Friday!
  • Also available on the 26th a secondary Flip the Rat CD. Instructions inside of Fred furys
    booklet on how to obtain.
  • Great milenko and friends Canada tour to feature Esham.
  • Speaking on twiztid: “we will never reunite with twiztid ever.” -Violent J
  • Dark Lotus is not gonna happen again.
  • There will not be any disses toward anyone
  • Ruby and sugar slam will have their own line of juggalette clothing.
  • Ruby’s shirt design that was put out was the best selling shirt psychopathic put out last year.
  • When they get home from gotj: loony goons super group will start recording. Could be
    1980 hip hop style or 2019 hip hop style. Will consist of: ICP, Big Hoodoo, Lyte, and Ouija.
  • Winter individual Shaggy and J solo tours.
    Shaggy: FTFOMF Shows.
    Violent J: Esham E&J tour
  • Violent J has started his own label under psychopathic: Big Baby Records. Compilations heavy.
  • Shaggy is coming out with an art line: paintings and sketches, prints.
  • Shaggy saw a guys balls at gotj. He thought it was funny.
  • Brand new action figures out by: Halloween or Christmas.
  • Wrestling fans: 20 years later STRANGLEMANIA 3
  • LIVE at starrcast in August in Chicago.
  • Vinyl collectors by Christmas: The ringmaster, terror wheel, bang pow boom, and hell’s pit
  • Hell’s cellar was found a couple days before gotj. 13 songs were found by Str8Jaket
  • Very dark times for ICP during hell’s pit era.
  • No memory of recording the hell’s celler songs.
  • Hell’s pit 20th anniversary will have even more unreleased Hell’s Pit songs.
  • Violent Wear making a comeback: 1st will be available on leather jacket, jerseys, and shirts.
    Carnival of Carnage. Crazy materials used for this line out within the next 2 months
  • 6 months later over a period of 3 years will be all 6 joker’s cards.
  • During ICP concert tonight there will be an announcement.
  • Psychopathic records plans for the future:
    Very proud of all the artists they have signed. However they do not want to sign new artists
    and they want to work on new ICP
  • Bloody brothers and more Alter Egos coming
  • A special gift for seminar attendees: Willaby Rags magical bag of shit cd
  • Next years 20th Gathering will be the “super Gathering”
  • Bands for everyone’s style next year.
  • A brand new Psychopathic’s from outer space coming this year
  • filming a new video next week for Fred Fury
  • Expect something very special for Hallowicked


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