Juggalos Fight Back

Website: www.juggalosfightback.com

Site active: 2012 - 2015

Goal: Educate the people about juggalos and gather stories from ICP fans of discrimination based on their music tastes.


Juggalosfightback.com is an official Psychopathic Records site, launched in 2012. It's purpose is to let juggalos to fill out a legal action questionnaire to report any negative interactions they have had with law enforcement or government authorities since the group was labeled as a gang. ICP says any information that is submitted will be reviewed by their legal team and no cost to the Juggalo.

In january 2013 you could download a full-page front/back brochure from the site. It’s called “We Are NOT a Gang!  We are FAMILY!”, and it goes down a list of bullet points about how we are being discriminated against, what we can do about it, and what Juggalos are REALLY about!

Let’s face it, ninjas – a lot of people just don’t understand us Juggalos. Perhaps they never will fully grasp the special family ties that bond us together but does that give them the right to call us gang members or a menace to society? Of course not! But it’s always easier to attack what you don’t understand. So what we have to do is educate the public on what Juggalos are really about. And YOU can help spread this knowledge by simply printing out this pamphlet and giving it to folks who could use some Juggalo education. Do your parents, clergymen or employer sneer at you or eye you suspiciously because you’re a Juggalo? Has a law enforcement official ever accused you of being in a gang simply because you’re wearing a Hatchetman charm? Next time someone gives you the bone for being a Juggalo, simply hand them one of these pamphlets and tell them you’ll be happy to answer any questions they might have about the Juggalo family. Education cures prejudice, Juggalos! Help spread the word!


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