Juggalo Holocaust

The Juggalo Holocaust is a anti-Juggalo online community, and a violent underground crime organization. On top of juggalo hating, they are known to gay bash, and use the imagery of Nazis and Fascists.

A gang that hates juggalos for no reason.

Website: juggaloholocaust.wordpress.com


Below is what I found on the internet. I don't know what is right. There is a lot of speculation about the item. So read it and let me know if you have some other information.

There is a lot of hating on the internet against juggalos and juggalettes. The reason why, I don't understand.
Juggalos come from all walks of life – from poverty, from rich, from all religions, all colors. I think it's some kind of jealousy because juggalos form a family and stand up for each other. If you're a hater, please give me a real reason why you hate juggalos. Not some shitty argument, but a real reason with arguments.


Story 1

The gang first started when a facebook page called "juggalo holocaust" was made. the page was made to make fun of juggalos but the holocaust later turned into a violent street gang.

the gang often stabs or shoots juggalos on the streets. The gang may also dress up as juggalos and go to insane clown posse or twiztid shows and mug juggalos afterward.


Story 2

Now what is the Juggalo Holocaust you ask? Alot of people assume they were started at an old website called realjuggahoes.com. But that is not the case. The JH (as they're called all over the internet where they claim is their kingdom and everyone else is just lowly peasants.) actually started officially on October 21st, 2005. The date Esham A. Smith left Psychopathic Records to launch Aknu Media. It was already common knowledge that Esham's fan's known as "Suicidalist's" hated psychopathic and juggalos with a hardcore passion. 2 months later. Alfredo Nevarez Jr, Eric Saunders, and 6 other hardcore suicidalist's formed the Juggalo Holocaust. Their mission: To do to juggalos what Hitler tried to do to the jews (Nevarez has claimed many times to be the reincarnation of Adolf Hitler).



An official website for the hate group is still up and running. The website posts blog posts on murders, and other crimes caused by Juggalo Gangs, though the group assumes all juggalos are gang members (or "cult" members). The site also has a section filled with anti-juggalo songs, most of which are the disses made by Esham towards ICP and Twiztid.

Gangs and crimes:

The Juggalo Holocaust is also known for being a loose street gang, supposedly murdering juggalos and rapeing Juggalettes. Common attire worn by the "JH gang" includes the colors red and black, JH symbols, and bandanas. The online community denies any of these claims, though many stories have been told, including from one juggalo who was kidnapped by a holocaust member.


Both the gang and online communities have slang terms, many of which are the same. Insane Clown Pussies-A term used when bashing ICP. Druggalo-Term used when bashing on juggalos. Juggahoe-Another term used when bashing on juggalos, not to be confused with the same term used by juggalos themselves. Magnets- Magnets are often brought up by members in a argument with a juggalo, or talking about the "mental retardation" of a juggalo. This is a reference to the song "Miracles".


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