ICP: The most hated band in the world!

You like Insane Clown Posse or you don't. Simple as that. It's like all music. You can love a song or you don't. It's normal. But what I don't understand is where the hate comes from?

Insane Clown Posse has a title as the most hated band in the world. Why? Is it the music? Is it the lyrics? Is it the clownmakeup? Is it the faygo? Is it the family-feeling that goes in the juggaloworld?
I don't know.

The juggalofamily is known as a group of fans that really stick to each other. They watch each others back. They show a lot of love to each other. Is it this feeling of family that brings the hating alive?

If you look around on the internet, you'll find a lot descriptions for juggalos, good and bad.
Some of the bad descriptions are listed below.

  • Juggalos are classified as an uneducated, pathetic excuse for a human
  • A greasy, fat, teenager with a kool aid mustache and no friends
  • A real bunch of fags and posers
  • Smell weird and are inevitably fat, ugly/deformed
  • A bunch of underdeveloped little homos

From the descriptions above, you can feel the hate and misunderstanding about juggalos. People who wrote that stuff really don't know anything about juggalos. There are juggalos who are college students, office workers, constructions workers, doctors, cops, fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, sisters and brothers to each and to all. Juggalos of every age, juggalos in every class of society, juggalos in every size. Juggalos who smoke weed and juggalos who don't. But what the hell, that not only counts for juggalos, it counts for all the people and the whole world.

Juggalos like to express themselves. Juggalos wear facepaint as a symbol of love and respect for Insane Clown Posse. But they are not the only band who wears face paint. Legends like Kiss does too. Immortal, Cradle of Filth, King Diamond and I probably forgot a lot of other groups who wears face paint.

Every band has good fans and bad fans. Juggalos are put on a gang list because of the crimes they are accused for like murder, stealing, dealing, etc. But this has nothing to do with juggalos. This is a human thing. What about the crimes listed below. Are fans of those bands also gangmembers?

  • 1969: Charles Manson Heard Secret Messages In Beatles Album
  • 1985: Serial Killer Claims He Was Inspired By AC/DC Song
  • 1994: Teenagers Claim Tupac Song Inspired Them To Shoot A Cop
  • 1999: Marilyn Manson Blamed For Columbine Massacre
  • 2008: Slipknot Blamed For School Murder
  • 2009: New Jersey Man Claimed Metallica Song Drove Him To Murder
  • 2009: Eminem Lyrics Connected To Family Murder
  • 2009: Horrorcore Songs Blamed For Four Murders
  • 2011: Drowning Pool Song Blamed For Shooting Rampage
  • 2013: Chigaco Rapper’s Lyrics Connected To The Murder Of An Oklahoma Student

Crimes is a human aspect, not only juggalo do crimes. And yes there are juggalos who commited crimes but there are also juggalos who do wonderful things and are good people. So don't judge that all juggalos are gangmembers.

To end this, I ask a hater to give me a good reason and a decent explanation why they hate Insane Clown Posse and/or juggalos. I had a discussion once with a hater and the could not give me one decent answer why he hated Insane Clown Posse and juggalos. So I dare you...give me a good reason through the contactform and maybe, if it's no bullshit reason, I'll post it as a comment.

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