Get geeked

Album: American Psycho Tour CD

Year: 2011



Get Geeked x7

[Verse 1: Violent J]
Yeah, back up cause we in here
We more than sip beer
When we get geeked we don't just sit there
Not when it's this fat, where the chicks at?
Nobody hits that? I'mma fix that!
Stare, kick, clap, pat, ba bah bum bum
We get sick of your track where I come from
Earthquake backyard, the whole hood
Sound fake? Smacked hard if you're no good!
Twiztid and the clowns on these carnival tones!
Leave the whole yard full of tombstones
Scrub life, freedom! Nedens, I'll feed em!
Haters? I'll beat em! Defeat em and eat em!
Juggalo love lew ya, what's it too ya?
Its a oo-ee, Lamanamanoomie
You and me starring in the feel good movie of the week
What up though, ninja? get geeked!


[Verse 2: Shaggy 2 Dope]
I walk in, everybody's honkin
Im a nobody, but I go nutty
Might sound sappy, but I'm happy
See me teasin, they wanna attack me
The whole world's depressed with stress
But right about now im infected with fresh
I bust three backflips into the splits
And land face first in between two tits
I'm Juggalo now, Juggalo back then
Gimme a second chance, Im Juggaloin again!
Chris Hanson's a Juggalo, but he don't know it
I dance like a Juggalo and proud to show it!
Throw ya hands up like a wild man
Mike E. Clark versus Jake Giels Band
Peter Wolf say come as you are, little freaks
Second Joker's card of deck two, get geeked!


[Bridge: Insane Clown Posse]
Fuck anybody tryin to hate my style
Screamin Fuck You with a painted smile
Throw Your Hands Up
Jumpin while I'll
(Let go) get up!
(let go) jump in
(let go) let loose!
(let go) fuck them!
Everybody say, whoop whoop!
Get-g-g get-get-get get geeked!
Get g-get get get get geeked
Get g-g get get get get geeked
Get get geeked
G-g get geeked

[Verse 3: Monoxide]
I just got out of jail today
I got a fat work wait and a bitch in the gate
I'm like hey (hey)
Everythings good on the bad side
I'm bout to get so, so high

[Verse 4: Madrox]
Beer bong sing-along
Cause I'm fucked up
You got another hit of that
Everybody, come through
Party over here til we rockin the dead
Saw a footloose creep walkin on the waterbed

[Verse 5: Monoxide]
Light up a cigarette
And dont forget that we can make it
Ugly like the bitch you with, gettin bloody like her period
Barbiturate, inhabitant, but mostly on some killer shit
And I hope I ain't go syphilis from fuckin that little silly bitch

[Verse 6: Madrox]
Electric, singin' about butter knife in the sockets
Til im warm and melty just like some hot pockets
Told em that we rock shit
Us and the clowns
And ya haters shut up and smile
Cause it's fin to go down



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