Shugston Brooks 1959–2004 (Outtake)

Album: Mike E. Clark's Extra Pop Emporium (White Pop)

Year: 2012



Look up to ya!

"This here is the story of an unfortunate piece of shit
By the name of Shugston Brooks
Born 1959, died 2004
Over some bullshit he heard from a friend"

[Verse 1:]
I've lived the good life, though I've beat my wife for years
She don't listen to the man, I simply bring her to tears
See I believe in keeping order, in front of my daughters
And their little brother, shit I put the boots to they mother
After I calm down, I might apologize
Put some ice on her eyes and we think up some lies
To tell the rest, cover up the bruise on her breast
Then she do me up a plate of hot food on my chest, yes
Often my drinkin', leads me to overthinkin'
Screaming in her face, breath liquorly stinkin'
This time though, I beat her ass something ferocious
A friend told me something left me feeling explosive
He said he thought he'd seen her at Bennigan's with another
She cried, "I told you three times, I had lunch with my brother!"
I wasn't sure, plus I'm buzzing, so I dealt a skull fracture
And for the first time she called the police, I got captured!

"I don't believe it, she actually called the cops
I got booked, sentenced, all of that
After fifteen years of our love, she called 'em
She's going down for this, she's going down hard!"

[Verse 2:]
A thirty day bid ruined my life up in the pen'
I got fired, plus I have to face my family and friends
Where to begin, I met a thug in jail named Ben
And for just under a grand, he put a gun in my hand
Thunk up a plan, she will definitely die for doin' this
My whole family betrayed me, how could they ruin this?
I can't live with the shame, all the pain of 'how could he?'
I'm thinking murder suicide, take us both out bloody
They freed me and I fleed for her job up town
Tried to shoot through the glass, they seen me and screamed "Get down!"
She got away but I tried, now it's time for me to end
Ran about a block, cocked it, put it under my chin
I sqozed it, neck frozen, stiff, click, damn!
My nine gun, brand new but the shit got jammed
Pandemonium, desperate sweat sting in my eyes
All because I heard somebody singing me lies, I said I...

I heard it from a friend...

"Damn, I wish I never heard that man
I tried to kill her and then I tried to kill myself
I failed at both!
Now I'm stuck out here on the streets with this gun
People tripping out, I'm tripping out"

[Verse 3:]
There's a mad gunman in the city, big news spreads quick
People step aside, they see it in my eyeballs, I'm sick
I heard a cops' radio, spun around to react
Looking at him like, "I'll blow your fucking guts out your back, Jack!
Back off me!" Set down his coffee with ease
And slowly pulled his weapon out and calmly asked me to freeze
We stand off, I back around the corner, I'm bookin'
Within seconds the perimeter heated up and it's cookin'
I'm not an athlete, on top of that I got bad feet
So I snatched up a hostage in a sitting mad suite
Kissed her soft young face, pressed the gat to her cheek
Whispered in her ear, "I'm sorry dear, I'm having a bad week!"
Forty-five long minutes passed, nerves was tweakin'
The negotiator pleaded, no I wasn't speakin'
They finally ordered the marksman, carry through with the solution
It all started with some verbal pollution, because I...

Heard it from a friend who-o-o
Heard it from a friend who-o-o
Heard it from another he'd been messing around
(A friend told me something left me feeling explosive)

[Bridge Interlude:]
Don't always believe what you hear
People love to tell you bad news
They love it!

*Party music*
*Talking, indistinct*
*Chainsaw Starting*


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