Right Now

Album: Forgotten Freshness 5

Year: 2013



[Violent J]
Right now someone fell out of a neden
Somebody's walking the isle of a wedding
Someone's fucking, someone's fighting
Someone else probably getting struck by lightning

Right now someone just got 25 years
Somebody tripped falling down the stairs
And you can't help, cause you ain't there
It's going down right now, but you don't know where

[Violent J]
Right now there's a hottie blowin on dick
It don't belong to the man they with
Scratch off ticket, somebody just hit
And partied so hard, they lost that shit

Right now someone quit rehab to drink
Somebody looks hot as fuck but they stink
Someone in a car crash got paralyzed
Somebody else got lucky, and don't realize

[Hook: Duo]
Right now, all around the earth
We live for all its worth
Right now, all around the globe
This life is all we know
Right now, as we hear this song, so much is goin' wrong
Right now, at this very moment in time, somebody's moment defined

Right now someone just contracted SARS
And donated their brain to science jars
He got demoted, she got promoted
He got so mad, his head exploded

[Violent J]
Right now somebody fell head over heels in love
Someone else lost all of the above
Somebody's bone is another's gain
Boat crash, kidney found at last

Right now as youre hearing this beat
Some little kid is stepping out into the street and SPLAT!
Just like that...a car, luckily, it didn't happen where YOU are

[Violent J]
Right now, it's going down
Don't front any time of the day, any night of the month
Enjoy the calm relaxation
Cause else where STRANGULATION


Somebody's being born right now
And somebody's fuckin dying right now!
Us? We're fuckin droppin depths of wisdom right now...BITCH

[Violent J]
Stop, with every tick of the tock of the clock, somebody else gets shot
Maybe in Guam, or down the block
Tick tock, tick tock, click, the death pop

Right now, everything's great, but out there in cell block 8, rape
Brutal bloody, massacre murder
Thankfully in some place you never heard of

[Violent J]
Right now some people shouldn't be alone
From the nursery to the nursing home
Little boy, training wheels, he don't need em anymore
Old man does, wheelchair rollin on the floor

Right now people are coming or going
Shrinking or growing, pushing or pulling
Speeding or slowing, spending or earning
Teaching or learning, freezing or burning



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