Joey The Butcher

Album: The Marvelous Missing Link: The Outtakes

Year: 2015



I got a line
Strechin all down the block
Everybody loves my butcher shop
We got backs, thighs, ribs and eyes
(how about a whole head?)
I got you guys
My meats are all dipped in phermeldahide
To keep them jucy
Open up wide
Throw them on the grill
I love the smell
Wheres my shop located?
I serve human meat
Bone and around
I serve face with an apple in the mouth
Pig snout
How ever you like it
Hot or mild
All stacked up and piled
Barbacue fingers, my appitizers
Deep fried nut sacks
Great for sliders
Try ab elbow or mabey a foot sir
Look for my sign out front
Joey the butcher

Ribs, legs, back feet
All you can eat
At joey the butcher

He, he, he, he, he's joey the butcher
He, he, he, he, he's joey the butcher

Head, balls, neck, knees
Eat til you please
At joey the butcher

My tastey ribs slide right off the bone
I could feed an army or just you alone
Do you like fat lips?
I love em
Blood all over my face as I
Shove em down my throught
Though I really shouldn't
Cause there all fat
Give em up I Couldn't
We got delicious toes
Boneless and nail free
How about your own ass foot
Feed the whole family
The suckers in hell just love my shop
Cuz they all starving, Im all they got
And what better way t oenjoy your day
Than a penis dipped in soy sauce (yay!)
They love me
Cause my meats arn't stiff
Except the one in my pants
If you get my drift
I make organ stew and give it a good stir
Delicious for him or her
From joey the butcher


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