The Carousel

Album: The Marvelous Missing Link: The Outtakes

Year: 2015



Ladies and gentelman, gather around
Prepare yourself for yet another story
From the realm of the magnificent... Dark Carnival

[Verse 1: Violent J]
Have you ever heard about the old carnival tale?
Some say it's all bullshit, some say it's for real
It's about big carousel, merry go round
Unlike any other on carnival grounds
The lights are so bright and so many colors
With horses and swines and so many others
It's hard to resist for a child so young
Some hear the music and follow the drum
It only appears in the dead of the night
Children become mesmerised at the sight
One minute to there and ?they're bed sound asleep?
When they see it or hear it they all bound to creep
Right up to their houses they're all drawn right up to it
It's much too spectacular, they have to do it
They stand right before it, like it's just a dream
Cause it's the most beautiful sight that they've ever seen

[Hook x4]
The lights on the carousel (shinin' so bright and they)
Spin around and round

[Verse 2: Violent J]
The children have gathered, they standin' around it
It's never been here before they all astounded
They wanna get on it, but is it for free?
They don't see anyone collecting a fee
How's gonna be the first to jump on the boarding
Finally one kid does it and rest they hoarded
Some jump on horses, some jump on elephants
Some just relax and sit on a bench
The kids all enjoyed the ride up and down
All while the carousel spins around
The lights and the music, it's all captivating
Little do they know it's all devastating
As the ride spins all the kids aboard cheer
Nobody notices they've grown a year
The children keep riding as time goes by
They're aging in years on this mystical ride


[Verse 3: Violent J]
First of all the teenagers, they keep on spinning
Then they're all young adults, all of 'em grinning
They're blind to the fact they're aging in time
Once little kids now they're all in their prime
But they keep on riding it lights up the darkness
Something so beautiful, trully so heartless
And neighbours and parents all peacefully asleep
While the carousel attracted their children like sheep
Wild children they were now they're middle age to 'dults
Still growing older, the carousels fault
The merry go spins as the times go by
The children are all so older, bout to die
Finally the carousel slows its role
To these elderly victims its taking its toll
All of them exit and realised they're damaged
It ends just like that, the carousel vanishes



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