Hatchet Gear

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Offline: June 01, 2017

Website: www.hatchetgear.com


Psychopathic Records began distribution of merchandise in 1994 by selling T-shirts. After several comic books drawn by Joseph Utlser sold quickly in 1994, the label also started manufacturing collectibles. Psychopathic later created a separate department for their merchandising and called their line Hatchet Gear, named after the label's Hatchetman logo which more closely resembles a traditional meat cleaver. Hatchetgear sells everything from T-shirts, jerseys, and hoodies to "energy drinks, action figures, ski masks, liquor flasks, jewelry, sneakers, CDs and DVDs. The range and marketability of their merchandise has become an aspect of the company.

The last years the shipping cost were very high and if you looked around the internet, there were a lot of complaints about Hatchet Gear for late shippings.


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