Lotus Pod Recording Studio

Build in: 2001

Owned by: Insane Clown Posse


In 2001 ICP left Island Records and signed a contract with D3 Entertainment that would distribute every future release on Psychopathic Records. Each release would be independently funded, produced and recorded, so Psychopathic Records built a studio called “The Lotus Pod.”

Insane Clown Posse had just finished their double album Bizzar and Bizaar and they decided it was time to build their own recording studio. While ICP was on road for 6 months to promote Bizzar and Bizaar, there was time to built their studio.

Insane Clown Posse needed a ninja to put the studio together because they didn't know shit between a good studio equipment and bad. They needed a master of the trade do design, order, put together and engineer the new studio. They found Mike Puwal.

ICP first brought him in to design the studio but because of his incredible skills, he engineered The Lotus Pod. Because of the 6 month tour, Mike P. had enough time to set it up.

After the Bizzar-Bizaar Tour, Insane Clown Posse went into their new recording studio The Lotus Pod to finally record the Dark Lotus album Tales From The Lotus Pod. This was the first album in the new recording studio The Lotus Pod.


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