Esham Gig

Date: May 27, 1992

Place:The Ritz, Rosevill, Michigan

Tickets: unknown

Performances: Inner City Posse, Esham


*** Thanks to Andrew for adding the date ***

To get on the show with Esham ICP had to pay him $500. Therefore Alex borrowed money from his family, Joseph was working nights at a gas station, John worked a the pizza place and even Joey got a job until he got arrested for stealing and he needed his money for lawyers.

They thought it was going to be big, so they printed about twenty T-shirts. But it turned out otherwise. They payed Esham to play on his gig for about 250 people. The place was dead.

Before the show, ICP was putting on their make-up when Esham's manager came in and told them "No face paint". They didn't question the mighty Esham and did the show with big clown wigs on, orange shorts and yellow hoodies and no face paint.

The 250 people weren't interested in the show of ICP and all sat down at booths and tables way in the back by the bar. There was none near the stage and the show.

It was a terrible Esham gig...



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