First Show Ever

Date: unknown
Probably: January 14, 1992

Place: A college in Big Rapids, Michigan

Tickets: no tickets

Performances: Inner City Posse, Triplex

This was the first show ever of ICP (Inner City Posse). It happened in the days of tape Dog Beats.
Alex had gotten a call at the record store from a kid in Big Rapids, MI who was putting on a show at a college there. They wanted to book ICP together with another local rapper Triplex.

The day of the concert there was a blizzard. Alex, John, Joseph, Joey, Rudy, Billy and Don got in Alex's old Caddy with broken heat to leave to Big Rapids. On the road, a tire fell off a truck and smashed the windshield. With blowing show and whistling cold air in their faces, they kept going on to be on time for the concert.

Finally they made it to the college but thought they were supposed to be at Hall C. To their supprise, it was a room with no stage , no concert lights and about 30 people listening to radio and standing around talking. They used the bathroom there to get ready. Alex made an imaginary stage and put Dog Beats in the cassette deck and hit play.

Everybody looked at ICP like "What the hell is going on?" They did "Ghetto Zone". They did "Wizard Of The Hood" and then they just stopped. Nobody applauded and nobody said anything. It was dead.

Suddenly the kid who booked them came in and said the show was like 3 hours ago. It was not in Hall C but in Auditorium C. Looks like ICP played a couple of songs in the cafeteria where people were just chillin', talking and listening to the radio.

ICP got 40 bucks for the gas and drove all te way back through the snow that night.

Read more about it in Behind The Paint from Violent J.

Thanks to our homie Casper Hansen who did some research, the first show probably happened on January 14, 1992. On February 13 and 14 there was a blizzard storm in Detroit which Violent J described.


14/01/1992 A college in Big Rapids, Michigan


01. Intro Dog Beats
02. Ghetto Zone
03. Wizard Of The Hood


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