St. Andrews Hall Show

Date: 1993

Place: St. Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI

Tickets: Unknown

Performances: Insane Clown Posse

Opening Acts: Ace Case, Natives From The Underground, Doc Roun Cee & The Blackman


This show was ICP's first own show. They introduced Carnival Of Carnage and Dark Carnival to the world.

Each of the opening groups performed two or three songs.

John already left the group so they want Greez-E to fill in for John. They didn't want to show any signs of weakness that the band was already falling apart. On every flyer and picture there were 3 clowns and not 2. So with Greez-E filling in for John, nobody would notice a thing.

They thought it would be a good idea to do sequenced robot dance routines. Like a MC Hammer show. It turned out to be just stupid robot moves for the worse part of an hour.

There were 240 people at St. Andrews and they were all standing in front of the stage and not like the Esham Gig standing in the back.

After the third song, people started to question the robot moves. ICP was so winded up from running around doing their stupid little robot moves that they could only rap about forty percent of the songs. For the rest they just let the beat play.

It was again a horrible gig...




01. Carnival Of Carnage
02. Psychopathic
03. First Day Out
04. Wizard Of The Hood
05. Your Rebel Flag
06. Never Had It Made
07. Dog Beats
08. Ghetto Zone
09. Ask You Somethin
10. Red Neck Hoe
11. Guts On The Ceiling



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