The Magic Bag Show

Date: 1993

Place: Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI

Tickets: unknown

Performances: Insane Clown Posse, Esham


This show went on in The Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI. It was an old converted porn theater for about 350 people. ICP did an EP with Mike E Clark: Beverly Kills 50187 and they decided to premier it at the Magic Bag Show. The show sold out on the day of the show.

Esham was on the show and they asked if they could play Esham's nex CD "KKKill The Fetus".ICP agreed to play the cd before they went on and after the opening acts. The CD was about 70 minutes and the crowd was getting bored. Alex went to the soundboard and said something like " Fuck this shit and start the show". Esham's homie heard it and told Esham about it. So Esham went up on stage and said "ICP are my niggas and all, but they got a fucked up manager, y'all. Somebody say, Fuck Mr Alex, yo!!!" The crowd chanted along in response. Esham threw down the mike, destroying their only spare and stormed out the side entrance of the building.

ICP were like fuck it then, the show must go on. They went out and started the show like nothing happened

At the end of the show, Violent J addressed to Esham "Fuck Esham for that, y'all! That was bullshit! Fuck him for dissin' Alex"

The show was a success...

From now on they weren't just a rap act. They were ICP and the Dark Carnival!

The Magic Bag Show was the first for ICP in may ways:

  • Greez-E left the group over an asian girl. So from now on it was just Violent J and Shaggy 2 dope.
  • It was the first sold out show
  • It was the first show with no dance routine planned
  • It was the first time they throwed Faygo (read the story below)
  • It was the first show they stage dived.
  • For the first time Psychopathic was self-sufficient.


The Faygo Truth

Behind the paint - Violent J

This is how the Faygo thing got started...

During the show, we had a table set up behind us in the middle of the stage. On the table was a giant round bucket full of Faygo 2-liters of various flavors. The day of the show, we decided to have it there, and set it up on the table so that the fans could see it. We always mention it in our songs, so we figured it would be cool if the fans at the show seen us swiggin' off it on stage. That was our plan and intention concerning the Faygo on stage, nothing more and nothing less. That's the truth.

During the show, about 20 minutes into it, the shit died down and we were just rappin' and rappin'. We were kind of boring, I felt. Then it happened. I seen this kid standing at the dead center of the crowd. He was just standing there with his arm raised, flipping us off. That hurt.

I was steady thinking, "What makes this kid think that just because he's in the crowd, and I'm on stage, he can get away with flipin' me off?"

The truth was, I was winded and tired enough as it was, so I just walked back and unscrewed a full 2-liter of Faygo and whipped it right at his ass. The place straight up fuckin' erupted, though. The loudest pop of the night. Then Joey threw one off in the kid's direction. Much to our surprise, pop started flying back at us from the crowd. I didn't know if people hated us or loved us.

We kept it going until finally, the Magic Fag's manager, this stupid bitch, actually climbed up on stage, and in a panic for fear of her venue being destroyed, grabbed the Faygo bucket. Then from out of nowhere Alex came to the fuckin' rescue, and grabbed the bucket. They were struggling over it! In front of the fans and everybody! Alex was the shit! As Alex held the bucket in place, Joey and I filled our arms with the remaining Faygo, and began spraying the crowd. The rest my friends... is Juggalo history.

- Violent J -



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