Howl From Beyond Tour

Date: December 16 - 22, 1995

Place: random

Tickets: $16 (in advance)

Headliner: Onyx

Opening Acts: Das EFX, Insane Clown Posse


This tour was a disaster for ICP. They got booed offstage and nearly killed by angry mobs at almost every show on the tour until they got to Flint, Michigan. There, the crowd was full of juggalos chanting for ICP and suddenly, J and Shaggy found themselves headlining. It was the exact same thing in Detroit and Toledo, OH. They might not have been shit elsewhere at this point, but in their hometown area, they were the stars.


Date Place
16/12/1995 Capitol Theatre - Flint, MI
17/12/1995 Seagate Center - Toledo, OH
22/12/1995 Palladium Music Club - Detroit, MI


No setlist available


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