Resurrection Tour

Date: December 05 - 14, 1996

Place: random

Tickets: $7 (in advance)

Headliner: Insane Clown Posse


There is not much to find about this show/tour. Let me know if you know something about this show.

The only thing I found on the internet is that at the second Toledo show during the Hallowicked Tour of 1996, Violent J jumped off a set of speakers and no one caught him. He broke is collarbone in a few places, and the remaining 5 shows (Columbus, Cleveland, Kalamazoo, and Detroit) were postponed/cancelled. The Kzoo show got moved to December 6th, while the 2 Detroit shows became one show on December 14th, in the freezing rain and cold. The tour was labeled the Resurrection Tour.


Date Place  
05/12/1996 Columbus, OH show from 24/10/1996
06/12/1996 Kalamazoo, MI show from 26/10/1996
07/12/1996 Peabody's Down Under - Cleveland, OH show from 25/10/1996
14/12/1996 Detroit, MI show from 30 - 31/10/1996


No setlist available.


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