Traveling Freak Show Tour

Date: March 16 - May 25, 1996

Place: random

Tickets: unknown

Headliner: Insane Clown Posse

Opening Act: Humble Gods


In the spring of 1996, ICP went on a massive blitz of shows across the country, as well as a dozen instores in the state of Michigan alone. Also called the "Traveling Freak Show Tour," this tour hit many cities, and concluded in May of 1996.


Date Place  
16/03/1996 Rock of Age  
17/03/1996 Coconuts Music - Birmingham, AL in-store
22/03/1996 The Asylum - Toledo, OH  
24/03/1996 Wherehouse Records - Chicago, IL in-store
06/04/1996 Record Collector - Livonia, Michigan in-store
12/04/1996 The Works - Grand Rapids, MI  
14/04/1996 Mr Music Head, Los Angeles, CA in-store
19/04/1996 St. Andrew's Hall - Detroit, MI Prom Night Massacre
20/04/1996 St. Andrew's Hall - Detroit, MI Prom Night Massacre
27/04/1996 House Of Heresy - Lexington, KY  
04/05/1996 The Galaxy - St. Louis, MO  
?? Sluggo's Down Under - Grand Rapids, MI  
11/05/1996 Peabody's - Cleveland, OH  
19/05/1996 Capitol Theater - Flint, MI  
17/05/1996 Wyatt Earp Records - Flint, MI in-store
25/05/1996 Trees - Dallas, TX  

The last concertdate I found was

  • Green/Black ICP: Last of the Traveling Freak Show Tour w/ Wolfpack, August 9th, Warehouse, Kalamazoo, MI

I don't know if this is right. If you know more, let me know through the contactform.




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