The Great Milenko In-store Tour

Date: June 23 - July 03, 1997

Place: random

Tickets: unknown

Headliner: Insane Clown Posse


This was ICP's first real instore tour. They had done autograph signings here and there, but this one was a full blown national tour of autograph signings. It also turned out to be the only tour they ever did while signed with Hollywood Records. In the midst of this instore tour, on the day the album came out, Hollywood Records ditched ICP, pulled the album, and cancelled all their tours, including this one right in the middle of it.

ICP had a little haunted room build with a roof with black lights and a giant Milenko face on the back wall. They put it up inside the record stores and juggalos were let inside five at a time while ICP sat under the black light signing all night long.


Date Place
23/06/1997 Harmony House - Sterling Heights, MI
24/06/1997 Harmony House - Taylor, MI
25/06/1997 Harmony House - Flint, MI
26/06/1997 Media Play - Toledo, OH
28/06/1997 Media Play - Columbus, OH
29/06/1997 Belive In Music - Kentwood, MI
30/06/1997 Media Play - Mishawaka, IN
01/07/1997 Vintage Vinyl - St. Louis, MO
02/07/1997 Blockbuster Music - Witichita, KS
03/07/1997 Blockbuster Music - Irving, TX


No setlist available.


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