House of Horrors Tour

Date: January 08 - April 19, 1998

Place: random

Tickets: $12

Headliner: Insane Clown Posse

Opening Acts: Myzery, Twiztid, Psycho Realm


One month after ICP's Strangle-Mania Live, Insane Clown Posse began their second nationwide tour, "The House of Horrors Tour", with Myzery added as one of the opening acts. While searching for the second opening act, Bruce received a telephone call at his home from former House of Krazees members Jamie Spaniolo and Paul Methric, who told Bruce that the group was officially disbanded and asked to be on the tour. Spaniolo and Methric provided a demo tape containing three songs: "2nd Hand Smoke", "Diemotherfuckdie", and "How Does It Feel?" Bruce was extremely impressed, and immediately had a contract drafted with Psychopathic Records for the new group to sign. Bruce, Spaniolo, and Methric agreed on the band name Twiztid

The January 1998 issue of Spin magazine ran a four-page cartoon lampooning Insane Clown Posse and Juggalos, claiming that the group was offensive "not for their obscenity, but for their stupidity." Spin likened Insane Clown Posse's stage act to "a sort of circus karaoke" and portrayed the group's fans as overweight suburbanites. On the group's website, Bruce responded to the article by stating, "I could give a fuck less."

After a show in Indianapolis, Insane Clown Posse's tour bus stopped at a Waffle House in Greenfield, Indiana. When a customer began to harass Spaniolo and Bruce, a fight broke out between the customer and all of the bands' members. The group's tour was briefly derailed in January 1998, when their tour bus drifted off a highway and down an embankment, leaving Frank Moreno of Psycho Realm with a concussion. As a result of the accident, Insane Clown Posse postponed two shows scheduled for Cleveland, Ohio, on January 22 and January 23, but honored their promise to perform on January 25 and January 26.

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Violent J suffered a panic attack at a performance on April 19, 1998 in St. Paul, Minnesota during the House of Horrors tour and in his panic state he cut off his dreadlocks. He later checked himself into a Michigan mental health program for three days.
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Date Place
08/01/1998 Buffalo, NY
09/01/1998 Rochester, NY
10/01/1998 Philadelphia, PA
11/01/1998 Washington, DC
13/01/1998 Virginia Beach, VA
14/01/1998 Charlotte, NC
16/01/1998 Tampa, FL
17/01/1998 Atlanta, GA
18/01/1998 328 Performance Hall - Nashville, TN
20/01/1998 Chicago, IL
21/01/1998 Chicago, IL
22/01/1998 Agora - Cleveland, OH
23/01/1998 Agora - Cleveland, OH
24/01/1998 Pittsburgh, PA
28/01/1998 Indianapolis, IN
30/01/1998 Columbus, OH
31/01/1998 Columbus, OH
01/02/1998 Louisville, KY
05/02/1998 Louisville, KY
06/02/1998 St. Louis, MO
07/02/1998 St. Louis, MO
10/02/1998 The Blue Note - Columbia, MO
11/02/1998 Memorial Hall, Kansas City, MO
13/02/1998 Denver, CO
14/02/1998 Salt Lake City, UT
17/02/1998 Seattle, WA
18/02/1998 Portland, OR
20/02/1998 Maritime Hall - San Francisco, CA
21/02/1998 Los Angeles, CA
22/02/1998 Las Vegas, NV
24/02/1998 Phoenix, AZ
25/02/1998 Club Rio - Phoenix, AZ
27/02/1998 Dallas, TX
28/02/1998 International Ballroom - Houston, TX
01/03/1998 House of Blues - New Orleans, LA
04/03/1998 Tallahassee, FL
07/03/1998 Jacksonville, FL
12/03/1998 New Haven, CT
13/03/1998 Providence, RI
14/03/1998 New York, NY

Boston, MA

26/03/1998 Rialto Theater - Tucson, AZ
28/03/1998 Cabo Cantino - Flagstaff, AZ
03/04/1998 State Theatre - Detroit, MI
10/04/1998 Cincinatta, OH
11/04/1998 Pittsburgh, PA
18/04/1998 The Royal Grave, Lincoln, NE
19/04/1998 St. Paul, MN
21/04/1998 Ft. Collins, CO
22/04/1998 Boulder, CO
24/04/1998 El Paso, TX
26/04/1998 San Antonio, TX
29/04/1998 Jacksonville, FL
01/05/1998 St. Petersburg, FL
02/05/1998 Orlando, FL


01. Dead Body Man
02. Hokus Pokus
03. Toy Box
04. Cemetery Girl
05. Santa's A Fat Bitch
06. My Kind Of Bitch
07. Faygo Break
08. 3 Rings
09. Southwest Voodoo
10. House Of Horrors
11. Piggy Pie
12. Just Like That
13. Southwest Strangla
14. How Many Times
15. Halls Of Illusions
16. 12
17. Boogie Woogie Wu
18. Chicken Huntin'
19. Hellalujah
20. The Joker's Wild
21. The Stalker
22. Faygo Break
23. Lil' Somethin' Somethin'
24. Down With The Clown
25. Pass My By

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