Juggalo Fun House Tour

Date: August 20 - October 24, 1998

Place: random

Tickets: unknown

Headliner: Insane Clown Posse

Opening Acts: Twiztid, Kottonmouth Kings, Phunk Junkeez


This tour was the home to two big events, one of which is one of the most well known events in ICP history. The infamous Panic Attack show. But before that, ICP caught the Kottonmouth Kings trading backstage passes to fans in exchange for weed. They weren't having that and KMK found themselves booted off the tour. There weren't any real hard feelings and everyone was still cool.....it just sorta happened and everyone got over it. The other big event took place with 2 weeks left to tour, in Minneapolis, MN. Violent J had a panic attack onstage, right in the middle of the concert. The show was stopped and J was pulled offstage, where he went nuts and cut off all his hair. The remaining 2 weeks of the tour was canceled and Violent J found himself hospitalized for panic attacks.


Date Place
20/08/1998 Washington, DC
21/08/1998 The Boathouse - Norfolk, VA
22/08/1998 Nashville, TN
25/08/1998 Memphis, TN
28/08/1998 Peoria, AZ
29/08/1998 Columbus, OH
01/09/1998 Omaha, NE
02/09/1998 Wichita, KS
03/09/1998 Colorado Springs, CO
04/09/1998 Mammoth Event Center - Denver, CO
05/09/1998 Salt Lake City, UT
09/09/1998 Roy Wilkins Auditorium - St. Paul, MN
10/09/1998 Kansas City, KS
11/09/1998 Riviera Theatre - Chicago, IL
12/09/1998 Cleveland, OH
13/09/1998 Davenport, IA
15/09/1998 Oklahoma City, OK
17/09/1998 Houston, TX
18/09/1998 Houston, TX
19/09/1998 Dallas, TX
21/09/1998 Club Rio - Tempe, AZ
22/09/1998 Los Angeles, CA
23/09/1998 Palo Alto, CA
25/09/1998 Las Vegas, CA
26/09/1998 Las Vegas, CA
27/09/1998 Albuquerque, MN
02/10/1998 Toledo, OH
03/10/1998 Dayton, OH
07/10/1998 Indianapolis, IN
09/10/1998 Columbus, OH
10/10/1998 Dome Arena - Rochester, NY
11/10/1998 Scanton, PA
13/10/1998 Baltimore, MD
15/10/1998 New York, NY
16/10/1998 Philadelphia, PA
17/10/1998 Worcester, MA
21/10/1998 Jacksonville, FL
22/10/1998 Orlando, FL
23/10/1998 Tampa, FL
24/10/1998 Atlanta, GA


01. The Show Must Go On
02. Hokus Pokus
03. House Of Horrors
04. Chicken Huntin'
05. Piggy Pie
06. Who Asked You
07. Faygo Break
08. The Juggla
09. Cemetery Girl
10. 3 Rings
11. How Many Times
12. Boogie Woogie Wu
13. Toy Box
14. Faygo Break
15. Just Like That
16. Halls Of Illusions
17. What Is A Jugalo
18. Southwest Juggalo
19. Hey Vato
20. Hellalujah
21. Santa's A Fat Bitch
22. Faygo Break
23. Down With The Clown
24. I'm Coming Home

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