Asylum In-store Tour

Date: May 25 - June 27, 1999

Headliner: Insane Clown Posse

Opening Act: Twiztid, Blaze

Gift: Phat Or Wack Sampler


This was ICP's second major instore tour, meant to promote The Amazing Jeckel Brothers album. I guess you'd have to classify Twiztid as an opening act. They were basically just part of the set though. Psychopathic constructed a giant asylum maze thing you would walk into to get their autographs. Once inside it was dark, loud and foggy. To your right you saw Blaze behind some glass. Blaze was Psycopathic Records newest find. You turned the corner and among other oddities, you saw Twiztid in straight jackets inside glass cages. Around the last corner you found under blue lights, lost in the fog, Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope in flesh waiting to meet you.

At every stop on the tour, ICP and Twiztid would be dragged through the crowd in straightjackets to their inside of the autograph booth.

While on "The Asylum In-store Tour", Bruce and Utsler were informed by Abbiss that they were offered US$100,000 to perform at Woodstock 1999. They were excited about the offer, as it indicated their impact on the music industry. Some people perceived participating in Woodstock 1999 was a sell-out for the group; however, Bruce and Utsler disagreed. As Bruce explains, "Woodstock sold out the mainstream style for us! Woodstock never came to us and asked us to change one fuckin' thing about us or our show! They wanted ICP just as ICP is, and nothing else. If that ain't fresh, then I don't know what the fuck is!"


Date Place
25/05/1999 Vintage Vinyl - St. Louis
26/051999 Tower - Schaumberg - Chicago
27/05/1999 Blockbuster - Indianapolis
28/05/1999 Media Play - Columbus
29/05/1999 Coconuts - Cleveland
30/05/1999 National Record Mart - Pittsburgh
31/05/1999 FYE - Rochester
02/06/1999 Strawberries - Framingham - Boston
03/06/1999 Record Town - Philadelphia
04/06/1999 Planet Music - Virginia Beach
05/06/1999 Media Play - Cincinnati
07/06/1999 Camelot - Louisville
08/06/1999 Wherehouse - Nashville
09/06/1999 Wherehouse - Atlanta
11/06/1999 Wherehouse - Shreveport
12/06/1999 Wherehouse - Dallas
15/06/1999 Tower - Tempe - Phoenix
16/06/1999 Wherehouse - Las Vegas
18/06/1999 Wherehouse - Salt Lake City
19/06/1999 Angelos - Denver
21/06/1999 Wherehouse - Kansas City
22/06/1999 Homer's - Omaha
24/06/1999 Down In The Valley - Minneapolis
26/06/1999 NRM - Milwaukee
27/06/1999 Believe In Music - Grand Rapids


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