Woodstock 1999

Date: July 23 - 25, 1999

Place: Griffiss Airforce Base in Mohawk Valley, Rome, New York

Tickets: $150 (3-day ticket)


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ICP Rocked Woodstock 99 . At first, ICP was shocked and honored that the promoters of Woodstock actually wanted ICP as part of this historical event. ICP gladly accepted the offer. The Media went nuts. Everybody dissed Woodstock for booking ICP but believe it or not Woodstock didn't care. They wanted ICP and they got ICP.

To play the Woodstock date in Rome NY, ICP had to cancel 3 Jeckel Brothers tour dates in Texas. ICP was deeply sorry for missing the Texas tour dates but playing Woodstock was a super rare opportunity for a band like ICP so they had to do it.

ICP played the East Stage at the same time Korn was playing the West Stage and still about 60,000 ninjas turned up for ICP's set.

If you saw it on Pay Per View than were sorry. We know it looked shitty and the audio was all fucked up on TV, but for those that were there, they'll tell you that ICP rocked that bitch. The giant crowd sang along to every word.

During the set, ICP kicked out 20 big, giant, rubber balls with $100 taped to each of them. The fans went nuts. After that, ICP kicked out 20 even bigger, giant rubber balls with $500 taped to them. It looked like meatballs being tossed into giant pools of piranhas. Everywhere you looked, there was naked chicks running around on stage. Titties bouncing all over and shit. Even naked dudes were running across the stage every now and then. There was nuts, wieners, nipples and nedens flying and floppin' all over the fuckin place. it was the bomb.

2 Days later on the last day of Woodstock, riots broke out and all of ICP's merchandise was ripped off. We ain't mad at ya, though. "Get what you can get"! As Shaggy told a news paper in Denver, "If we would have been there during them riots, we would have helped burn that bitch down!"



01. Assassins (first verse and chorus)
02. Bring It On
03. Chicken Huntin' (Slaughter House Mix)
04. Hokus Pokus
05. Terrible
06. Boogie Woogie Wu
07. Down With The Clown
08. Fuck The World
09. Southwest Voodoo
10. Play With Me
11. Halls Of Illusions
12. Everybody Rize
13. The Stalker
14. I Want My Shit
15. Another Love Song
16. Assassins (remainder of the song)

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