Diamonds Raining Tour

Date: December 05 - 14, 2002

Place: random

Tickets: unknown

Headliner: Insane Clown Posse

Opening Acts: Esham, ABK

Special Appearences: Jumpsteady, Twiztid


This was ICP's first tour since Hatchet Rizing in Dec. of 2001. The first tour they had done in about year and the first time they got to go out on the road and play songs from The Wraith. It was really just a small pre-tour to shake the stage-rust off since ICP had been in hiding and hadn't performed in a year. Jumpsteady came out on a couple of the shows and performed as well, plus Twiztid showed up.
This small late-2002 tour in the Midwest was a little preview for the Wraith tour.


Date Place
05/12/2002 Club M - Pittsburgh, PA
06/12/2002 Showplace Theatre - Buffalo, NY
08/12/2002 Northern Lights - Clifton Park, NY
09/12/2002 Avalon Ballroom - Boston, MA
10/12/2002 Webster Theater - Hartford, CT
13/12/2002 Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH
14/12/2002 Odeon Concert Club - Cleveland, OH


Part of the setlist. Last part missing.

01. Walk Into The Light
02. Welcome To The Show
03. The Dead Body Man
04. Tilt-A-Whirl
05. Blaaam!!!
06. Assassins

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