Haunted House Tour 2002

Date: October 04 - 27, 2002

Place: random

Tickets: unknown

Give-away: The Wraith: Shangri-La Sampler



Originally, this was supposed to be a Psychopathic-created haunted house that would tour the country. It got cancelled in 2000 due to fire regulations and was never made up in 2001 as promised. However, the closest thing to it did happen, as ICP toured various haunted house stops around the country in Oct. 2002, although not with their own setup. The Haunted House Tour took place right before The Wraith dropped.
On the Haunted House Tour, ICP played frightening fixtures in the houses, scaring visitors and passing out The Wraith: Shangri-La Sampler CDs.

Their were also 3 episodes of the Shaggy Show recorded from the Haunted House Tour.

Episode Seventeen of the Shaggy Show is the first of 3 episodes recorded from the Haunted House Tour in 2002, this first episode starts at Eastern State Penn in Philadelphia, Pa. Esham, Abk, and the Icp go around and scare some juggalos in the Mental ward of the Pennitentary, then go to the Ring of Honor wrestling show and takes us backstage as they prepare for there match vs the outkast killaz, where icp win in less then a minute.

Episode Eighten of the Shaggy show is the second of 3 episodes from the Haunted House Tour in 2002, The show starts out at Abdullah The Butchers Restaraunt in Atlanta,Georgia. Then it features an impromptu segment of Violent J's Dance boogie marathon, The shaggy show then takes us to Treeport, Louisiana from the train yard to a radio station. The shaggy show then takes us to Forth Worth Texas for the haunted house tour.

Episode Nineteen of the Shaggy show is the 3rd and final installment of shaggy show from the haunted house tour. This episode contains more haunted house tour madness, including Shaggys rendition of Marvin Gaye's whats goin on, as well as "Violent J's Blunted thoughts" This is the last Shaggy show before the Wraith: Shangri-La drops.


Date Place
04/10/2002 Spooky World - Foxboro, MA
05/10/2002 Terror Behind the Walls Eastern State Penitentiary - Philadelphia, PA
07/10/2002 The Haunted Fun House - Virginia Beach, VA
09/10/2002 Chambers of Terror - Norcross, GA
11/10/2002 Hangman's House of Horrors - Fort Worth, TX
12/10/2002 Nightmare on Grayson - San Antonio, TX
13/10/2002 The Phantom's Haunted House - Lewisville, TX
15/10/2002 Alice Cooper's Nightmare - Phoenix, AZ
16/10/2002 The Castle - Henderson, NV
18/10/2002 Halloween Fest - Colorado Springs, CO
19/10/2002 Main Street Morgue - Kansas City, MO
20/10/2002 The Darkness - St. Louis, MO
21/10/2002 Baxter Avenue Morgue - Louisville, KY
22/10/2002 Demon's Funhouse - Indianapolis, IN
24/10/2002 Phobia House - Kalamazoo, MI
25/10/2002 Dream Reapers - Haunted House, Melrose Park, IL
26/10/2002 Three C- Body Shops Shocktoberfest Polaris Amphitheater - Columbus, OH
27/10/2002 The Erebus Haunted House - Pontiac, MI


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