The Wraith In-Store Tour

Date: November 08 - December 02, 2002

Place: random

Tickets: no

Hosts: Insane Clown Posse

Give-away: The Wraith: Shangri-La Sampler


The Wraith in-store tour is a part of the promotion for "The Wraith: Shangri-La". The promotion included haunted house appearances (interviews available at each location), 18 record release parties (featuring contests, give-aways, autograph signings, etc.), and a four-week in-store tour.

On the in-store tour, fans got autographs inside a custom-designed 53' semi trailer that has been converted into an elaborately decorated maze.


Date Place
08/11/2002 Zia Records - Phoenix, AZ
09/11/2002 Independent Records - Colorado Springs, CO
10/11/2002 Forever Young Records - Grand Prairie, TX
12/11/2002 Starship Records and Tapes - Tulsa, OK
13/11/2002 Seattle, WA
14/11/2002 Coconuts - Birmingham, AL
15/11/2002 Sound Revolution - Hazelwood, MO
16/11/2002 7th Heaven, Kansas City, MO
18/11/2002 Know Name Records - Minneapolis, MN
20/11/2002 Berry's - Indianapolis, IN
22/11/2002 CD Warehouse - Dublin, OH
23/11/2002 House Of Guitars - Rochester, NY
24/11/2002 Eide's Entertainment - Pittsburg, PA
26/11/2002 Louisville, KY
30/11/2002 Chicago, IL
01/12/2002 Milwaukee, WI
02/12/2002 Minneapolis, MN


No setlist available.


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