Violent J's Solo Charity Tour

Date: March 14 - 25, 2016

Place: Random

Tickets: $15 (in advance), $17 (at the door)
VIP tickets: $50 (meet & greet)

Performances: Violent J, Lil Eazy E, Nova Rockafeller


Psychopathic Records was not happy with how the charity tour in December drew. So, in order to try an earn more money for  St. John’s Children’s Hospital Violent J. did a few more solo shows.

You can read the full statement from Violent J and check out the dates below.

Now I wanna talk about the fresh charity tour that went out last December that featured JCW and a whole bunch of groups including yours truly doing a solo set along with my brother Jumpsteady as my hype man.  The tour was cool enough and all that, but flat out, we just weren’t happy with the draw. Tickets went on sale way too late number one, and number two, it was mainly billed as a JCW show first and a concert second and JCW just doesn’t really usually draw that well. Plus, it was right before Christmas and ninjas just didn’t have hardly any money to spare even to help out the kids to the St. Johns Children’s Hospital of Illinois. So even though I said I would never do another solo show again after this tour, the fact is, I LIED.  We are doing more dates, this time on the west coast. We’re talking the tour all the way over to the other side of the country and this time the line up is different and it’s a full concert with no JCW wrestling. The line up is as follows.  First off, two local openers from each city will grace the stage doing their thing in front of their home town crowd.  Then it’s time for the super hottie with the slammin’ sounds herself Nova Rockafeller to take the stage and blow shit up into dust particles.  After the venue has been destroyed and all that’s left is the stage and the sound system in the middle of an open field with a crowd of Juggalos standing there, yours truly, Violent J, will take the stage this time performing a full set of Juggalo classics. Yes, ninjas! We’re just not satisfied with the money we made the kids of St. John’s Children’s Hospital, so we’re gonna get out there and earn some more and hopefully when we’re through, we will be bringin’ home a fat bag of loot for those sick kids.  Thank you to all the acts and the wrestlers that performed on the first charity tour and thank you to all the ninjas who came out and supported the cause, but the simple fact is, there is just more work to be done.
There will also be a $50 Meet and Greet available in case you want pictures or some shit autographed by The Duke of the Wicked with all profits going straight to the kids of St. John’s Children’s Hospital of Illinois.
Now, of course, Shaggy would normally be joining me on this tour but the plan is to wrap and tape him up good for the Juggalo Weekend shows so he can get through those in one piece and then let him continue to heal up 100 percent so that when we launch the mighty RiddleBox Tour in May


Date Place
14/03/2016 El Corazon - Seattle,WA
15/03/2016 Hawthorne - Portland, OR
17/03/2016 The Complex - Salt Lake City, UT
18/03/2016 Mesa Theatre - Grand Juction, CO
19/03/2016 The Roxy - Denver, CO
20/03/2016 Launchpad - Albuquerque, NM
21/03/2016 Pub Rock - Phoenix, AZ
23/03/2016 Backstage Billiards - Las Vegas, NV
24/03/2016 Los Globos - Los Angeles, CA
25/03/2016 Oakland Metro - Oakland, CA


01. Intro
02. Chicken Huntin"
03. CPK's
04. Piggy Pie
05. Three Rings
06. Juggalo Party
07. Let's Go All The Way
08. Explosions
09. Falling Apart
10. How Many Times
11. Under The Moon
12. Cemetery Girl
13. Break Me (Young Wicked)
14. Drink On My Fiff (Young Wicked)
15. I Get Mad
16. Play With Me
17. Boogie Woogie Wu
18. Fuck The World
19. Another Love Song
20. Sick Kidz
21. I'm Coming Home

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