High Times Cannabis

Date: September 08 - 09, 2018

Place: Auto City Speedway - Clio, MI

Tickets: Saturday: $103

Performances: Willy J Peso, Mike Jones, Insane Clown Posse, Trick Trick, Demrick, Nas.


The High Times Cannabis Cup is the world’s leading marijuana trade show, celebrating the world
of ganja through competitions, instructional seminars, expositions, celebrity appearances, concerts
and product showcases. Hosted in states that have legalized medical and recreational marijuana,
the Cannabis Cup stands as the foremost gathering place for the cannabis community to network
and celebrate.

Going strong for nearly three decades, High Times Cannabis Cups are the most established and
trusted in the marijuana industry, continually fighting for the political legitimacy of the plant.

2 days before the event started, Insane Clown Posse announced on their facebookpage that they
were going to play on this event.



No setlist available.


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