Big Ballas X-mas Party before 2007

Date: 1995 - 2006

Place: unknow


In 2015 in a press release Psychopathic spoke of hitting the road and leaving Michigan after 20 years of X-mas party. I didn't found any info about X-mas parties before 2007. So if you have some decent info for me about X-mas parties before 2007, please let me know through the contactform. Give me some prove and I post it on the site.

This is the press release from Psychopathic in 2015:

Speaking of Big Ballas X-mas Party, I happen to have some ultra secret, inside information… This year’s Big Ballas X-mas Party in Pontiac, Mi. just so happens to be, the absolute FINAL and LAST Big Ballas X-mas Party that will ever take place in Michigan!!! After this year, from 2016 on, we will be taking the infamous and legendary Big Ballas X-mas Parties out of town and on the road, each and every year!  That’s right, this is the very last one we will be having in Michigan! We’ve had it in Michigan for 20 straight years now. It’s about time we start showing some other clown towns some holiday love as well, so if you’ve never been to a Michigan, Big Balla X-mas Party, this is your last and final chance to attend!  Because starting next year, the party will be hittin’ the road, jack!

This is what I got so far from some homies:

Some homie thought that Big Ballas was a private event the first couple of years. Just for employees, familie and friends.

- Big Ballas 1997: a homie recalled being there
- Big Ballas 1999: everybody got an Amazing Jeckel Brothers Candle
- Big Ballas 2004: free beer
- Big Ballas 2005: a homie went to it. No more info given
- Big Ballas 2006: some JCW



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