Hallowicked 2000

Date: October 30 - 31, 2000

Place: Saint Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI

Headliner: Insane Clown Posse and Twiztid

Opening Act: Psychopathic Rydas,Blaze (w/ ABK), Esham, Mastamind

Give Away: Hallowicked 2000 Box Set


Psychopathic went all out for the Hallowicked of the new millenium. First of all, tickets for either night of this event were a staggering $100 dollars, but considering what you got, it was worth it. The give-away this year was a Hallowicked Box set which featured a TON of shit in it, including special editions of the newest ICP and Twiztid CDs, and a Hallowicked EP featuring all of ICP's previous Hallowicked songs as well as a new ICP song called "Toxic Love" and a new Twiztid/Blaze/ABK track called "Juggalo Party." ICP and Twiztid did a tandem set, instead of seperate sets. They switched off back and forth doing songs and such, t'was awesome.

Hallowicked 2000 Box Set included:

  • ICP: Bizzar (album) - [Special Hallowicked Edition]
  • ICP: Bizaar (album) - [Special Hallowicked Edition]
  • Twiztid: Freekshow (album) - [Special Hallowicked Edition]
  • Hallowicked 2000 EP (8 song EP of Hallowicked songs)
  • ICP/Twiztid Hallowicked shirt
  • 12" Square Hallowicked Flyer/Flat
  • 4" Hallowicked Sticker
  • Cert. Of Authenticity

Some Tourdates:

Detroit, MI
Detroit, MI


No setlist available.


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