Hallowicked 2016

Date: October 31, 2016

Place: Harpo's, Detroit, MI


  • Normal ticket: $30
  • VIP package: $100 ( + normal ticket needed)

Performances: Insane Clown Posse, Jelly Roll, Waka Flocka Flame, Kissing Candice, Blahzay Rose, Big Hoodoo, Young Lyte, 10/31

Give Away: Who U Know

  This years Hallowicked single is "Who U know", giving away to every juggalo/juggalette who came to the show. VIP-holders even got a special collectors item.

The VIP package included the following flavor:

  • Early admission into the venue
  • All VIP holders will receive a one on one meet and greet with ICP before the show
  • Participation in Faygo Armageddon at the conclusion of the show
  • a limitid edition Hallowicked 2016 poster signed by Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope. All leftovers were destroyed, so this is a true collectors item.

The Hallowicked afterparty was held in The Shelter, Detroit, MI with special guests ABK and Native World Showcase and hosted by Rude Boy en DJ Carlito.



01. Dead Pumpkins
02. The Show Must Go On
03. Chicken Huntin' (Slaughter House Mix)
04. Hocus Pokus (Headhuntaz Remix)
05. Halloween on Military Street
06. My Axe
07. Halls Of Illusions
08. Fuck The World
09. --- Faygo Break ---
10. Wicked Hellaween
11. Bitches
12. CPK's
13. Tilt-A-Whirl
14. The Neden Game
15. Boogie Woogie Wu
16. Mr. Rotten Treats
17. Every Halloween
18. --- Faygo Break ---
19. Yellow Bus
20. Let's Go All The Way
21. Assassins
22. Cemetery Girl
23. Sleep Walker
24. Toy Box
25. The Killing Fields
26. Dead Body Man
27. If I Was A Serial Killer

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