Juggalo Day 2012 - Fowling Party

Date: February 17, 2012

Place: The Fowling Warehouse, Detroit, MI

Tickets: Free

Hosts: Insane Clown Posse, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Mike E. Clark, AMB, Cold 187um, Sugar Slam, DJ Clay and JCW wrestling.


In 2012 Psychopathic records started with a Juggalo Day. It's a day to celebrate being a juggalo or juggalette and all the fuckin' fresh flavor that comes along with that.

To do so, they throwed up the Juggalo Day Fowling Party. It was in Detroit, everyone is invited and it was all for free. You even could bring your own food and pop. (+21 could bring even booze).
There was food and pop for sale (Faygo, Spazmatic, water, pizza, hot dogs, popcorn and many more).
You were able to celebrate it with the Insane Clown Posse, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Mike E. Clark, AMB, The Psychopathic Assassin Cold 187 AKA Big Hutch, Sugar Slam, DJ Clay spinnin’ on the wheels of steel, the stars of JCW will be giving a full blown wrestling show.

Fowling is a fesh new sport. It is a combination of football and bowling.

Before the Juggalo Day started, there was a Juggalo Day Bonus. ICP invited twenty lucky juggalo's (+18) on a magic party bus ride to a secret location for an ICP concert. You had to bring 2 brand new snuggies in the box and 2 uncracked Faygo 2 liters in whatever flavor you choose. When you were able to get those items, you had to sent your information (name, age, city etc) to juggaloday@psychopathicrecords.com.

You can read the article bij MAXIM about the Juggalo Day Bonus magic party bus ride HERE.

For those who could not be at the party in Detroit, Psychopathic asked to do your own party with your homies and send foto's and details to mystory@psychopathicrecords.com. Stories were printed in Hatchet Herald issue of february 24, 2012.



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