Juggalo Day 2016 - Ringmaster Show

Date: February 19 - 20, 2016

Place: Harpos, Detroit, MI

Tickets: $25

Performances: Insane Clown Posse, Esham


This year was another 2 day event. February 19, 2016 you could see some JCW wrestling and the first full concert of The Killjoy Club. This day costs $20.

On february 20, 2016, ICP performed The Ringmaster in its entirety and you got a performance from Esham the Unholy.

Day 1: sold out

BREAKING NEWS, FAM! Day 1 of Juggalo Weekend, featuring The Killjoy Club, Lil Eazy E & DJ Yella, JCW and more is now OFFICIALLY SOLD THA FUCK OUT! And tickets for the Ringmaster Show/Esham at Harpo’s on February 20 ARE ALMOST GONE! So don’t sleep on this…GET THOSE TIX NOW WHILE YOU CAN!

Day 1: Lil Eazy-E & DJ Yella, The Have Nots (ABK and Big Hoodoo), Lil Wyte, Mastamind

Day 2: ICP, Esham, Mushroomhead, Young Wicked, King 810, Swag Toof, Molly Gruesome



01. Wax Museum
02. Murder Go Round
03. Chicken Huntin'
04. Mr. Johnson's Head
05. Southwest Song
06. Get Off Me Dog
07. Who Asked You
08. The Dead One
09. Intro/My Fun House
10. For The Maggots
11. Wagon Wagon
12. The Loons
13. Love Song
14. Bugz On My Nutz
15. House Of Mirrors
16. Ringmasters Word

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