Juggalo Day Weekend 2018
The Heckles & Macabre Show

Date: February 16 - 17, 2018

Place: Fremont Country Club - Las Vegas, NV

Tickets: $35 (in advance), $40 (at the door)

Tickets Afterparty: $10

Performances: Insane Clown Posse, Lyte, Big Hoodoo, Ouija, DJ Clay, JCW wrestling, The Flatlinerz, Green Jelly, Rittz, Kungfu Vampire


On January 03, 2018 Kevin Gill announced on Facebook that the Juggalo Day Weekend will go on in
the weekend of February 16 - 17, 2018.

The 2 day spectacular known as Juggalo Day Weekend will be the only place to see the Heckles and
Macabre show!!!

Day 1 is Heckles: A night of straight clownin, laughs, and carnival thrills. ICP is going to do a special
set with their funniest songs ever made. In addition, there's going to be circus acts, hilarious stunts,
JCW bizarro wrestling, comedy........CLOWNIN!
Also performing on day 1: Green Jelly, Rittz, Lyte and DJ Clay

Day 2 is Macabre: A celebration of the WICKED SHIT. ICP presents the darkest, most sinister show
of their entire career, performing their sickest, most horrific, darkest songs ever. With sickening skin
suspension sideshows, pure horror, thrills, and chills, and JCW bloody death matches. WICKED in
this BITCH!
Also performing on day 2: The Flatlinerz, Kungfu Vampire, Ouija and Big Hoodoo

It all goes down at the Fremont Country Club!!! But wait--there's more! Additional acts will be
announced soon!!!! Get your tickets now while they last:

On Januari 13,2018, the VIP upgrade was announced. VIP Tickets costs $100.
The tickets contains:

  • Meet & Greet with Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope
  • Participate at Faygo Armageddon
  • 3 commemorative hatchetman poker chips
  • Commenmorative Juggalo Weekend 2018 Poker deck


01. Intro
02. Let's Go All The Way
03. Mr Happy
04. We Belong
05. The People
06. The Show Must Go On
07. Hokus Pokus
08. Shinny Diamonds
09. Get Off Me Dog
10. Posse On Vernor
11. Jealousy
12. Faygo Break
13. Clown Walk
14. 50 Bucks
15. In Yo Face
16. Another Love Song
17. Homies
18. Cotton Candy
19. Rainbow 'N Stuff
20. Juggalo Island
21. Faygo Break
22. Little Yellow Bus
23. Get Clowned
24. Chicken Huntin
25. Tilt-A-Whirl
26. Bang Pow Boom



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