What?: Annual professional wrestling event

First time: 2007


Bloodymania is a professional wrestling event, produced annually in August by Juggalo
Championship Wrestling (JCW). All events are held on a Sunday at midnight during the four-day
musical event Gathering of the Juggalos. Psychopathic Records regards it as the flagship event of
JCW, as it is the biggest event that they hold in the year. The event was first produced in 2007.

JCW's internet wrestling show SlamTV! is tailored to reach its climax at Bloodymania, which
features matches for the company's championship titles, as well as specialty and gimmick matches.
Bloodymania events, like other professional wrestling shows, feature matches that are prearranged
by the promotion's writing staff. These matches are non-competitive performances that combine
elements of catch wrestling, mock combat, and theatre. Leading up to the pay-per-view, wrestlers
are portrayed as either villains or heroes in the scripted events that build tension and culminate in
a wrestling match at the event.


Bloodymania was the first major event held by Juggalo Championship Wrestling after its name
change, from Juggalo Championshit Wrestling, on July 16, 2007. Each event consists of a main
event and an undercard that feature championship matches and other various matches. The first
event was held on August 12, 2007. The 2007 edition was the first, and currently only, event to
be released on DVD. Bloodymania III received promotion by Pro Wrestling Torch writer Derek
Burgan, with several interviews from key figures within the promotion and wrestlers on the card.
In addition to the company's roster, Bloodymania events have featured such wrestlers as WWE
Hall of Famer Roddy Piper, Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall of Famers Último Dragón and
Abdullah The Butcher, and UFC Hall of Famers Dan Severn and Ken Shamrock.


Event Date Location
Bloodymania 1 12/08/2007 Hogrock - Cave-In-Rock, IL
Bloodymania 2 10/08/2008 Hogrock - Cave-In-Rock, IL
Bloodymania 3 09/08/2009 Hogrock - Cave-In-Rock, IL
Bloodymania 4 15/08/2010 Hogrock - Cave-In-Rock, IL
Bloodymania 5 14/08/2011 Hogrock - Cave-In-Rock, IL
Bloodymania 6 12/08/2012 Hogrock - Cave-In-Rock, IL
Bloodymania 7 11/08/2013 Hogrock - Cave-In-Rock, IL
Bloodymania 8 26/07/2014 Legend Valley Music Venue - Thornville, OH
Bloodymania 9 26/07/2015 Legend Valley Music Venue - Thornville, OH
Bloodymania 10 22/07/2016 Legend Valley Music Venue - Thornville, OH
Bloodymania 11 29/07/2017 Lost Lakes Amphitheater - Oklahoma City, OK



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