Pauly Thomaselli

Real name: Brandon Thomas

Birth date: unknown

Trained by: unknown

Ring Names: The Iron Saints, The Thomaselli Brothers, The Haters

Debut: 2003


Championships and accomplishments

  • ElitePro Wrestling
    • EPW Tag Team Championship (1 time) – Sal and Vito
  • Independent Wrestling Association Deep South
    • IWA Deep South Tag Team Championship (1 time) – Sal and Vito
  • Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South
    • IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championship (3 times) – Sal and Vito
  • Juggalo Championship Wrestling
    • JCW Tag Team Championship (3 times) – Pauly and Vito
  • Pro Wrestling Iron
    • PWI Tag Team Championship (2 times) – Sal and Vito

In wrestling

  • Pauly and Vito
    • Finishing tag team moves
      • Stereo Corner-to-corner missile dropkicks to an upside down opponent's face
      • Vito applies an Argentine backbreaker rack while Pauly delivers an inverted DDT
    • Signature tag team moves
      • Running senton by Vito followed by a running shooting star press by Pauly
      • Stereo running Mafia Kicks to opponents in opposite corners
  • Pauly's finishing moves
    • 450 splash
    • Air Raid Crash
    • The Deal (Sitout powerbomb onto his knees)
    • Grand Theft Modest (Argentine neckbreaker)
    • Maguillicutty (Double underhook gourdbuster onto his knees)

The Thomaselli Brothers are the professional wrestling stable that consists of real life brothers
Pauly Thomaselli (Brandon Thomas), Vito Thomaselli (Kent Thomas), and storyline brother Sal
Thomaselli (Sal Takavoli). Kent Thomas and Sal Takavoli are now retired. They formerly worked
for the American promotion Juggalo Championship Wrestling, as well as occasionally for other
various independent promotions.

Before forming the group, all members competed as singles competitors. Sal and Vito first began
teaming together in 2005 as The Iron Saints. The duo won the IWA Mid-South Tag Team
Championship three times. Brandon permanently joined his brothers in 2007, creating the stable
the Thomaselli Brothers. As the Thomaselli Brothers, later renamed the Haters, Pauly and Vito
are three time JCW Tag Team Champions.

Wrestling career

IWA Mid-South (2005-2008)

Following several years of singles competition, Sal and Vito began teaming together in
Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South in 2005 as The Iron Saints. On June 11, the
team won the IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championship in a Tag Team Battle Royal Tables
Elimination match. One month later, the duo lost the championship to The Bad Breed. On
September 10, The Iron Saints won a 4-Team Tournament to regain the championship. The
duo defended their championship for six months before losing them to Ian Rotten and Mad Man
Pondo on March 18, 2006.

Vito and Sal began teaming with their brother Brandon, bringing him in as an occasional member
of The Iron Saints. Brandon, however, focused on a career as a single competitor. On May 26,
2007, The Iron Saints won their third IWA Mid-South Tag Team Championship by winning
the 2007 Candido Cup. The duo held the championship for 280 days, becoming the longest reigning
tag team champions in IWA Mid-South history.

Independent circuit (2007)

At Pro Wrestling Unplugged's Pride, Pain, & Punishment event on May 19, 2007, Brandon, Sal,
and Vito formed the stable the Thomaselli Brothers. That July, The Iron Saints debuted in Elite
Pro Wrestling and won the EPW Tag Team Championship. Vito betrayed and attacked Sal later
that September, leading to the two brothers feuding with each other for several weeks. On
November 3, The Iron Saints lost the EPW Tag Team Championship to Team W.A.R.

Juggalo Championship Wrestling (2007–present)

All three Thomaselli brothers debuted in Juggalo Championship Wrestling on December 21, 2007
at that year's Big Ballas' X-Mas Party. In early 2008, Brandon and Vito became involved in a brief
feud with the heroic tag team The Ring Rydas. Later that year, Brandon and Vito took part in the
"Slam TV Tour 2008." The brothers participated in the "JCW Tag Team Tournament" for the
company's vacant JCW Tag Team Championship, but were eliminated in the first round. At
Bloodymania II, The Outsiders (Scott Hall and Kevin Nash) defeated the Thomaselli Brothers
(Sal and Vito).

That December at Big Ballas X-Mas Party '08, the Thomaselli Brothers (Brandon and Vito)
disguised themselves as The Ring Rydas and defeated The Bump-N-Uglies to win the JCW Tag
Team Championship. At Bloodymania III, Brandon and Vito lost the championship to The
Weedman and Billy Bong. On October 20, 2009, Brandon Thomaselli changed his wrestling name
to Pauly Thomaselli. At that year's Hallowicked After-Party, the Thomaselli Brothers (Pauly and
Vito) defeated The Weedman and Billy Bong to become two time JCW Tag Team Champions.

Throughout May and June 2010, the Thomaselli Brothers went on tour with JCW on Insane
Clown Posse's "Happy Daze Tour." The duo successfully defended their championship on
numerous occasion. On June 3, as part of a storyline, the Thomaselli Brothers were renamed The
Haters by Juggalo Championship Wrestling owners Insane Clown Posse due to their villainous
actions. The Haters were also given masks and costumes that they are forced to wear during all
of their matches. At Bloodymania IV, the Haters lost the JCW Tag Team Championship to The
Kings of Wrestling in a four way Tag Team match that also featured the Briscoe Brothers and Ring

At Flashlight Hysteria, the Haters won their third JCW Tag Team Championship in an 8 tag team
battle royal. The team lost the championship to Mad Man Pondo and Necro Butcher in a hardcore
Barbed Wire, Thumbtacks, and Ladders match at the following event, Hardcore Hell.

In the spring of 2011 they unsuccessfully pursued JCW Tag Team Championship losing to Mad
Man Pondo and Necro Butcher in their rematch at iPPV Hatchet Attacks and later to Ring Rydas
(who became champions earlier by defeating Pondo and Necro) at iPPV St. Andrews Brawl.



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