Ring Ryda Red

Real name: Jake Crist

Birth date: July 13, 1984

Trained by: Bill Kovaleski, Matt Striker

Ring Names: The Flying Mendoza Brothers, The Irisch Airborne, Jake And David Crist, Lotus and Crazy J, Ohio Is 4 Killers, Ohio Versus Everything, The Ring Rydas

Debut: 2003


Championships and accomplishments

  • All American Wrestling
    • AAW Tag Team Championship (4 times)
  • Alpha-1 Wrestling
    • A1 Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • Absolute Intense Wrestling
    • AIW Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • American Pro Wrestling Alliance
    • APWA World Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • Combat Zone Wrestling
    • CZW World Tag Team Championship (1 time)
    • CZW Wired TV Championship (2 times) – Jake (1) and Dave (1)
    • Best of the Best 16 – Dave
  • Destination One Wrestling
    • D1W Tag Team Championship (1 time)
    • Harvest Cup (2014) – Dave
  • Impact Wrestling
    • GFW / IMPACT World Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • Heartland Wrestling Association
    • HWA Heavyweight Championship (2 times) – Jake
    • HWA Tag Team Championship (6 times)
    • HWA Hearland Cup (2011) – Jake
  • Infinity Pro Reign
    • Infinity Pro Duos Championship (1 time)
  • Insanity Pro Wrestling
    • IPW World Heavyweight Championship (1 time) – Jake
    • IPW Tag Team Championship (2 times)
    • IPW Junior Heavyweight Championship (5 times) – Dave (2) and Jake (3)
    • IPW Super Junior Heavyweight Tournament (2004, 2005, 2006) –
      Dave (2004, 2006) and Jake (2005)
  • IWA East Coast
    • IWA East Coast Tag Team Championship (1 time, current)
  • Independent Wrestling Association Mid-South
    • IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Championship (1 time) – Dave
  • International Wrestling Cartel
    • IWC Tag Team Championship (1 time)
  • Juggalo Championship Wrestling
    • JCW Tag Team Championship (5 times, current)
  • Northwest Ohio Wrestling
    • NOW Heavyweight Championship (1 time) – Dave
    • Glass City Tournament (2016) – Dave
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated
    • PWI ranked Jake #312 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2015
    • PWI ranked Dave #306 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2015
  • Rockstar Pro Wrestling
    • Rockstar Pro Championship (2 times) – Jake (1) and Dave (1)
    • Rockstar Pro American Luchacore Championship (1 time) – Dave
    • Rockstar Pro Tag Team Championship (1 time) – Jake and Aaron Williams
    • Cicero Cup (2014, 2015) – Jake
  • Style Battle
    • Style Battle #1 – Dave
  • Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling
    • XICW Tag Team Championship (1 time) – Aaron Williams, Dave Crist,
      Dezmond Xavier, Kyle Maverick, Trey Miguel and Zachary Wentz

In wrestling

  • The Irish Airborne
    • Finishing tag team moves
      • Irish Air Raid (Diving stomp by Dave to an opponent's head followed by
        a fireman's carry slam by Jake onto Dave's knees)
      • Irish Coffee (Diving stomp by Dave to an opponent's buttocks into a spike
        piledriver by Jake)
  • OI4K
    • Finishing tag team moves
      • Killing Spree (Diving stomp by Dave to an opponent's buttocks into a spike
        kneeling reverse piledriver by Jake)
  • oVe
    • Finishing tag team moves
      • The All Seeing Eye (Opponent placed in an electric chair by Dave, while
        Jake is thrown from Sami Callihan's shoulders, transitioning into an elevated
  • Ring Rydas
    • Signature tag team moves
      • Running turnbuckle thrust by Blue followed by an aided enzuigiri by Red
      • Shoot kick to the face of a leaning opponent by Red followed by a
        springboard moonsault by Blue
      • Double knee facebreaker by Blue followed by a slingshot somersault senton by
  • Nicknames
    • "The King of Dayton" (Dave)
    • "The Prince of Dayton" (Jake)
    • "Human Gif Machine" (Dave)
    • "The Artist" (Jake)
  • Entrance themes
    • "Let's Go All the Way by Insane Clown Posse (Independent circuit; August 1,
      2003 – October 20, 2005)
    • "Walking Dead" by Dropkick Murphys (Independent circuit; December 16,
      2005 – present; used as the Irish Airborne)
    • "Dead to Rights" by DevilDriver (Independent circuit; April 9, 2011 – present;
      used by Jake Crist)
    • "We Are 138" by The Misfits (Independent circuit; 2008 – present; used by Dave
    • "Bad Things" by Wednesday 13 (CZW; September 22, 2012 – April 5, 2013; used
      as Ohio Is 4 Killers)
    • '"Gutshot" by Hail to the King (Independent circuit; 2013 – 2014; used as Ohio Is
      4 Killers)
    • "OI4K" by Geoffrey Stump (CZW / Independent circuit; 2014 – present; used as
      Ohio Is 4 Killers)
    • "Duk Da Fuk Down" by Psychopathic Rydas (JCW; May 2, 2014 – present)
    • "OVE" by Dale Oliver (GFW / IMPACT; August 17, 2017 – present)

The Irish Airborne aka Ohio Is 4 Killers (OI4K) is an American professional wrestling tag team
consisting of brothers Dave Crist (born David Crist, Jr. on November 10, 1982) and Jake Crist
(born John Crist on July 13, 1984) from Dayton, Ohio. They are currently signed to Impact
Wrestling under the ring name Ohio Versus Everything (oVe), and are former Impact World Tag
Team Champions .

For much of their career they have wrestled on the Midwest indy circuit, most notably for the
Heartland Wrestling Association, where they have won the HWA Tag Team Championship a record
six times. They have also wrestled for Combat Zone Wrestling, Chikara, IWA Mid-South and Ring
of Honor as well as Canadian promotions Far North Wrestling and UWA Hardcore Wrestling. The
team currently also competes for Juggalo Championship Wrestling as the Ring Rydas, where they
are current JCW Tag Team Champions.

Early career

Both Dave and Jake were fans of professional wrestling growing up, favoring wrestling styles of
a more extreme nature such as the Hardy Boyz in the Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match and the
promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling. The two brothers along with other friends from high
school began a backyard wrestling promotion. The promotion drew attention from large numbers
of students from their high school and even drew the attention of the local media in a news segment.
They were introduced to their trainer Bill Kovaleski who himself was in the process of forming an
independent promotion and was looking for young talent. From that point on, they began formally
training as singles wrestlers under the names Lotus and Crazy J. At a local promotion named UCW,
there was a chance encounter with Shark Boy, who invited the brothers to a match in his Buckeye
Pro Wrestling company.

Buckeye Pro Wrestling (2004)

Under the names Lotus and Crazy J, the Crists made their debut in Buckeye Pro Wrestling against
Dean and Chet Jablonski in which they were defeated. The Airborne continued to wrestle their way
through the ranks of BPW often feuding with the team of American Youth, ultimately defeating them
on 24 February 2004 to become the BPW Tag Team Champions. During their time in BPW, the
Irish Airborne had chances to work on cross promotion shows with Heartland Wrestling Association
and were eventually offered a match with the HWA.

Heartland Wrestling Association (2004–present)

Now achieving their high school goal, the Irish Airborne entered HWA. They became instant fan
favorites due to their performance in BPW and the shared fan base. Their first match was a four-way
tag match teaming with Viper and Zeta against 4BJ, J.T. Stahr & Jimmy Turner & Ala Hussein.
Airborne had continued success in HWA leading to a tag team title championship victory against
Necessary Roughness in May 2005. As success came quickly for the brothers, so did tension,
ultimately leading to a bloody feud that began in the Fall of 2005 and lasted through early 2006. The
feud culminated in a best of seven series in which each brother would attempt to top the other in
amounts of violence and wit. The feud finally ended in one of HWA's bloodiest and most gruesome
ladder matches to date. Both men realizing neither could top the other ended the feud and began to
wrestle as a team once again.

Name change and Ring of Honor (2006–2007)

On 27 January 2006, the Crists were given an opportunity to wrestle a dark match in Ring of
Honor against each other in which Lotus defeated Crazy J. The following evening they were again
given an opportunity to wrestle in a dark match, this time as a tag team against Shane Hagadorn &
Conrad Kennedy III in which they won. On 4 March 2006, at an Insanity Pro Wrestling show in
Indianapolis, Indiana, the Airborne announced that they would be no longer be wrestling under the
names of Lotus and Crazy J, but instead under their real names of Dave and Jake Crist. John decided
to use the first name of "Jake" rather than John because at that moment there were too many well
known Johns in professional wrestling. The name change was a way of growing up for the team and
an ability to drop their older persona which in a small way had ties to the Juggalo movement related
to the music group Insane Clown Posse. On 11 March 2006, at Arena Warfare the Crists were able
to earn a roster spot with ROH as they took on and defeated Tony Mamaluke and Sal Rinauro at the
old ECW Arena.

Combat Zone Wrestling (2011–2012; 2014–present)

On April 9, 2011, Jake Crist was invited to compete in Combat Zone Wrestling's "Best Of The
Best X" representing Insanity Pro Wrestling. Jake Crist would go on to lose in the first round losing
against Sami Callihan in a triple threat match that also involved AR Fox. The next night on April 10,
2011 at CZW's "International Incident" Jake Crist would go on to wrestle Jon Moxley in Moxley's
final match in CZW in another losing effort. After the match Jake would be attacked by both Moxley
and Robert Anthony until Devon Moore made the save. Jake Crist return to CZW on May 14, 2011
in a losing effort against Ryan Mcbride however fans chanted Please Come Back after the match.
On June 11, 2011 at CZW "Prelude To Violence" Jake Crist was told by CZW Owner DJ Hyde
that if Crist wanted a CZW Contract then he would have to go and defeat Sami Callihan. However
Callihan would go on to defeat Jake Crist again. After the match both man showed respect by
shaking hands. Adam Cole and Mia Yim would come down to mock Callihan. During the verbal
confrontation DJ Hyde would come out and lariat Callihan. Jake Crist would try to save Callihan but
wound up attacked by DJ Hyde. On July 9, 2011 at CZW "New Heights" AR Fox would offer a
CZW Wired TV Championship title match to Jake Crist. Jake Crist would go on to gain his first win
in CZW by defeating AR Fox to become the new CZW Wired TV Champion. Jake's Brother, Dave
Crist would also make his CZW debut celebrating with his brother on title win. On September 10,
2011, Jake Crist was originally supposed to defend his newly won title against Chrisjen Hayme.
However, Hayme would withdraw from the match and be replaced by Dustin Rayz. Jake Crist
would go on to retain against Dustin Rayz. Dave Crist though, would show more concern about his
brothers TV title than in Jake Crists well being. After the show Dustin Rayz would confront the Irish
Airborne about Dave getting involved in his match against Jake. Rayz would then challenge Dave Crist
at CZW "Cerebral". Dave would go one to win that match. Jake Crist successfully defended his
Wired TV title against Latin Dragon earlier that night. On April 14, 2012, Dave defeated Jake with a
low blow to win the CZW Wired TV Championship. Upon entering CZW, the Irish Airborne formed
the Ohio is 4 Killers stable with Nevaeh and Sami Callihan.

On September 27, 2014, at Deja Vu, OI4K defeated the Juicy Product to win the CZW World Tag
Team Championship. On July 11, 2015, at New Heights, OI4K lost the CZW World Tag Team
Championship to Team Tremendous. In Infinity Pro Wrestling, the Crist Brothers defeated Donnie
and Jacob Hollows.

Juggalo Championship Wrestling (2010–present)

The Irish Airborne debuted in Juggalo Championship Wrestling on May 16, 2010 in a losing effort to
JCW Tag Team Champions Thomaselli Brothers. On May 26, the duo debuted as the masked tag
team Ring Rydas. Jake, as Ring Ryda Red, and Dave, as Ring Ryda Blue, lost to Thomaselli Brothers.
At Oddball Wrestling 2010, Ring Rydas defeated The Daivari Brothers (Shawn and Ariya Daivari).
The following night at Bloodymania IV, the duo lost in a Fatal 4 way Tag Team match that also featured
the Haters, The Briscoe Brothers, and The Kings of Wrestling. At 2011's Up in Smoke, the duo
defeated Mad Man Pondo and Necro Butcher to become JCW Tag Team Champions. At the next
JCW iPPV "St. Andrews Brawl" they defeated the Haters in their first titles defense. On July 28, the
Ring Rydas lost the JCW Tag Team Championship to U-Gene and Zach Gowen. However, Gowen
forfeited the championship after realizing that U-Gene cheated to win and gave the championships
back to the Rydas. On December 20, 2014, at Big Ballas, Ring Rydas lost the titles against The

Big Japan Pro Wrestling (2013)

On September 10, 2013, Big Japan Pro Wrestling announced that the Irish Airborne, representing
CZW, would be making their Japanese debuts, when they take part in the 2013 Dai Nihon Saikyo
Tag League, which runs from September 25 to November 22. The Irish Airborne finished their
tournament on October 18 with a record of two wins and three losses, failing to advance from their

Return to ROH (2017)

On June 4, 2017, Jake Crist competed in a gauntlet match at ROH Gateway to Gold for a chance
to compete against Christopher Daniels for his ROH World Title later that night. Dave joined the
commentary booth for Jake's time in the ring. Jake was pinned by Jonathan Gresham.

Impact Wrestling (2017–present)

They made their Impact Wrestling debut on August 17 at Destination X, under the name Ohio
Versus Everything (oVe), defeating Jason Cade and Zachary Wentz in a tag team match. On
August 20, they defeated LAX (Santana & Ortiz) to win the GFW World Tag Team Championship
at Victory Road. On the October 12 edition of Impact, LAX invoked their rematch clause by
challenging oVe to a 5150 Street Fight at Bound for Glory. Upon accepting, LAX attacked oVe.
At Bound for Glory, Sami Callihan would debut as well as establish his alliance with the Crist brothers
in Impact Wrestling by helping them defeat LAX, with Jake Crist low blowing Ortiz before Callihan
delivered a piledriver through a table for the win. They then proceeded to attack LAX after the
match, resulting in a double turn where oVe turned heel.



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