Forgotten Freshness
Volume 1 & 2

Release: August 18, 1998

Label: Island Records / Psychopathic Records


General info:

Forgotten Freshness 1&2 is a rarities album that features unreleased and lost tracks.
For this album ICP re-released FF1 from 1995. Because of sample-clearing problems it was only released in the Detroit area and the mid-west. Many of the tracks on that album appeared again on these albums for wider distribution purposes. So FF1&2 was born in one package.

"Ghetto Zone", "Life At Risk", and "Ask You Somethin", originaly on FF1, were not featured on this album.
The edits of "Southwest Strangla" and "3 Ring" are also exclusive to this compilation, the former featuring an intro that would later become part of "12" from the Riddle Box album and the latter featuring an answering machine message.


Tracklist: (click on the track for the lyrics)

Forgotten Freshness Vol. 1

01. Hey Vato original 5:05
02. Dead Pumpkins from Hallowicked 1994 4:57
03. Fat Sweaty Betty original 4:42
04. Willy Bubba original 3:40
05. Graveyard (w/Project Born) from Born Dead 6:14
06. Fuck Off! from Fuck Off! 4:38
07. I didn't Mean to Kill 'em original 3:59
08. Southwest Strangla original 4:43
09. Santa's a Fat Bitch from A Carnival Christmas 4:25
10. Witching Hour (w/Myzery) from Para La Isla 5:36

Forgotten Freshness Vol. 2

01. Mr. Johnson's Head Remix remixed from Ringmaster and Hallowicked 1998 6:12
02. Clown Love from Fuck Off! 3:45
03. Hokus Pokus Headhunta'z Remix remixed from The Great Milenko 3:57
04. Red Christmas from A Carnival Christmas 4:28
05. House of Wonders from Multilation Mix 3:10
06. Mr. Rotten Treats from Hallowicked 1995 5:52
07. Piggy Pie (Old School) original 4:24
08. I'm Not Alone from Fuck Off! 5:07
09. 85 Bucks an Hour (w/Twiztid) from Mostasteless 3:18
10. Halloween on Military Street from Hallowicked 1996 5:18
11. Dog Beats from Dog Beats 5:00
12. Mental Warp from Tunnel of Love XXX Version 4:30

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