Party At The Top Of The Hill

Album: Party At The Top Of The Hill

Year: 1989


(Taken from Behind The Paint)

We're the JJ Boys on the microphone stand
Kickin' it live with a Faygo in our hand
Master T is on the table, not working in the stable
And on his Adidas jacket is the Faygo label

Jagged Joe's part (Violent J):

Known to the crew as the leader of the show
All my girlie friends chase me down the hall
I don't smoke dope or drink alcohol!

Kangol Joe's part (Shaggy):

When I'm on the mic I steal the show
Kangol on my head, Adidas on my feet
Gold around my neck so that I look like Mr. T

Master J's part (John)

I rock all night 'cause I sleep all day
I'm always drinkin' Faygo and that's a fact
And if you got beef, better change your act

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