Mr. Johnson's Head

Release: August 2002

Written by: Jesse McCann

Illustrated by: Gerardo Sandoval / Ulises Grotieta

Publisher: Chaos! Comics

Pages: 32 (?)

This was the final ICP comic produced by Chaos Comics. There were 2 versions, a green ashcan cover which are limited to 999 copies and a Premium Edition limited to only 50 copies. The Premium edition has other drawings inside than the green ashcan.


You know that nerd at school who chills quietly in his corner desk eye balling everybody? Check it: he knows sumpin' you don't Juggalo and it has to do with what happened to Mr. Johnson's head and where it's hiding! Based on the popular ICP song of the same name, this issue is filled with totally fucked up lunacy! (And we mean that literally) Ah yeah playas, it's gut-wrenching, sweat-drenching, detention-benching school hall fallout, y'all! Straight!

Green Ascan Cover

Limited Edition Cover

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