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March 2019: Pages are getting updated to the new layout. Some parts of the site will already appear in the new layout. The rest follows soon...

January 2019: Work in progress on new layout. Mobile friendly. Soon...

November 2018: Mailforms updated to the new recaptha.

November 2018: Snake Busters added.

November 2018: Dedicated to the butterfly...find it on the site.

November 2018: New section available...Psychopathic

July 2018: Vinylsection coming soon...

March 2018: Finally, the whole wrestlingsection is back online. It's not complete, I know, I'll add more stuff as soon as possible.

February 2018: IMPORTANT NEWS!!! There was a problem with the mailscript due to hostproblems. It's fixed now. If you contacted me and didn't get a reply, don't be angry and send it again. Your message never arrived. I always answer! (if you sent me a decent email). Sorry for the inconvenience!

February 2018: a lot of new lyrics added to the lyricssection.

December 2017: More than 100 wrestlingmatches were added to the site. Rest of the wrestlingsection is going to be updated soon.

November 2017: Still working on the wrestling section but this came in between. All the psyphers have been added to the site. Check out the Media section.

October 2017: Huge work in progress. The whole wrestling section is being rebuild. Check it out later when it's finished.

July 2017: The comic book section has been updated.

June 2017: New video added to the media section! Happy Father's Day!

May 2017: Finally I got the FBI Lawsuit section online. Lot of research done. Go check it out.

February 2017: New menu added: Lyrics. Go check out the huge list of lyrics. Sorted by song or by album.

January 2017: Work in progress on the Juggalo section and some fresh news added to the games section.

December 2016: Gathering section updated. Lot's of new stuff added. Check out the huge performerslist!!!

October 2016: Lot's of new shows added from the early days of ICP.

September 2016: ICP's first show ever added to the Show/Tour section.

August - September 2016: Work in progress on the Gathering section. Lot's of new stuff added soon.

July 2016: The bookssection is updated. Many new items added.

July 2016: The dictionary is updated. New words added and the mailscripts are working again. Go take a peep!

June 2016: Biography section is totally updated and many new info added!!!

May 2016: Finaly after many years the game section is updated and online. Check it out!!!

May 2016: Filmography section updated. Go check it out!!!

April 2016: Music section updated. Listen to it through Spotify.

April 2016: New pictures added in the Media section and video section updated

April 2016: The toursection is updated. Maybe not complete but I think I got most of the tours. Go take a look.

March 2016: facebookpage made. Check it out HERE.

March 2016: Work in progress of the Tour/Shows section.

November 2015: Discograpy-section updated and lyrics added! Go check it out!!

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